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EuRIC calls upon the Commission to support continued use of tyre-derived granular infill

| The European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC) calls upon the Commission to strengthen its commitment to the Circular Economy.

Wasting waste: the missing piece in India’s climate puzzle

| The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the alarm for better healthcare while seeing an increase in the use of PPE kits and surgical masks by healthcare workers.

Wastewater treatment unit for 33,000-PE sewage treatment plant

| Following a public tender procedure, Weltec Biopower was awarded the contract for an anaerobic stage for the municipal sewage treatment plant in Bückeburg, North Germany.
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Chemcycling of waste to hydrogen

| Chemical recycling, or chemcycling, using thermochemical processes such as gasification, reforming and pyrolysis can convert hydrocarbon-rich solid wastes to hydrogen. These thermochemical processes yield syngas which can be further processed to hydrogen, a clean, emission-free energy vector.

APEAL announces 2025 vision for recycling

| APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging, has announced its 2025 vision for recycling – Zero steel packaging to landfill – as part of Steel for Packaging Week.

OKAY transforms MRF for HW Martin

| OKAY Engineering has transformed an older existing plant into a high-tech sorting facility through the addition of optical sorting units and associated equipment. 

Electronic Waste – Our greatest threat

| Electronic waste should now be regarded as the greatest threat to our planet, according to the Global Recycling Foundation.

New Initiative promotes mono PET flexible packaging for a circular economy

| Vita Nova is a new consortium of industry players promoting the use of mono-PET flexible packaging in the circular economy.

PreZero is putting recycling products on the market

| For the first time, Lidl and Kaufland are selling household goods that are made from at least 95 % recycled plastic from PreZero.

Plastics Recyclers Europe and Styrenics Circular Solutions deepen collaboration

| Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) and Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS) announced today their reciprocal membership.

Recycling supply chain for luxury cars

| The University of Birmingham today announces a three-year research project with Bentley Motors to deliver a sustainable source of rare earth magnets for electric and hybrid vehicles for one of the most sought after luxury car brands in the world.

‘Mass balance approach’ blocks ambitions for increased recycled content in plastics

| In a joint letter, Zero Waste Europe, ECOS, and nine other signatories call upon the European Commission (EC) to avoid a flexible ‘mass balance approach’ method in determining recycled content in plastic products.

World’s first fully automated textile sorting plant in Malmö

| Stadler and Tomra delivered the fully automated sorting plant for Sysav Industri AB, which sorts pre- and post-consumer mixed textile waste in southern Skåne, in Sweden.

Half a tonne of municipal waste generated per person in the EU

| Almost 225 million tonnes of municipal waste was generated in the EU in 2019.
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