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Recycling Industry powerful force in U.S. economy

| Recycling continues to power the American economy based on a new study conducted by John Dunham and Associates and released by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

Quality initiative for US paperboard industry

| Mid America Paper Recycling (MAPR), an independent broker, processor and exporter of recovered paper in the Central United States, has launched an initiative focused on tracking and increasing the value of the recycling waste streams generated by large commercial printers and paperboard converters.

Coca-Cola European Partners uses cardboard instead of shrink wrap

| Coca-Cola European Partners will be replacing plastic shrink wrap with cardboard for its can multipacks across Western Europe, removing approximately 4,000 tonnes of single-use plastic per year across the region.

Battery recyclers are optimistic

| Growing global demand for batteries is also reflected in business prospects for battery recyclers. Their expectations have been highlighted in a recent survey of congress participants at the International Congress for Battery Recycling ICBR 2019.

Sesotec sorting systems for globally leading e-scrap recycler

| At its plants in the UK, in the Netherlands, in Germany and in Austria SRS has already been using Sesotec‘s Varisort sorting systems for many years.

WBA calls for decisive policies to fulfill industry’s global decarbonisation potential

| The biogas industry claims that it could reduce global GHG emissions by circa 12% and help governments meet their climate change commitments.

Subdued forecast für european polymer demand expected to 2023

| The European polymer demand is set to grow by 1.5%/year to 2023, according to AMI Consulting’s latest report, Polymer Demand in Europe 2019.

Stadler wins ‘The Great Award of Medium-Sized Enterprises’ in Germany

| Stadler was awarded the coveted recognition for its strong sustainable and social activities by the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation.

Universal Cross-Flow Shredder Bio-QZ for Swiss cheese factory

| Andritz has successfully completed the start-up of a Universal Cross-Flow Shredder Bio-QZ in the biogas plant of the Holzhof cheese factory in Bissegg, Switzerland.

Tomra launches solution for sorting smallest metal fractions

| Tomra Sorting Recycling has launched a new machine, the X-TRACT X6 FINES, for the high-purity sorting of mixed non-ferrous metal fractions at Aluminum USA.

South Australia embraces the circular economy

| South Australia has embraced the circular economy with a state-wide ban of single-use plastics, a commitment to renewable energy and a roster of reputable companies driving reuse.

Carpet waste recycling plant pilot for polypropylene

| A consortium of internationally-based companies and organisations has secured European funding for the ISOPREP project which aims to recycle the polypropylene element found in synthetic carpet waste into a much higher quality polypropylene output that can subsequently be used in the manufacture of premium polypropylene-based products.
Foto: WCRS

Consumers demand action from manufacturers to tackle plastic pollution

| New research from Kantar’s Worldpanel division, in collaboration with GfK and Europanel, reveals that only one in five (19%) consumers believe they should be taking personal responsibility for their plastic waste, while half (48%) expect manufacturers to take the lead on tackling the issue.

Fast and affordable material ID

| The new Vanta Element XRF analyzer offers the essential features that the Vanta series is known for – speed, reliability, ruggedness, connectivity and smartphone-like ease of use – in a cost-effective model.