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New report points out limitations of pyrolysis

| A new report released today has criticised a so-called “miraculous” method of plastic waste management that has been shown to be misleading in its efficacy.

10 Years of Vadias, Lindner Washtech & Erema

| Lindner Washtech and Bulgarian plastics recycling company Vadias Recycling are looking back on a 10-year anniversary and, together with Erema, on a partnership that has lasted just as long.

Geminor upgrades central Swedish Hub

| An investment of over 10 million Swedish kroner will ensure a doubling of waste handling capacity at Geminor's processing and storage facility in Landskrona.

ENVI packaging report endangers circularity in Europe

| Yesterday, the EU Parliament's Environment Committee adopted a contradictory position that endangers packaging waste circularity and Europe’s recycling industry.

EU legislative approach to chemical recycling will shape future of the pyrolysis oil sector

| Alongside access to sufficient high-quality waste, legislation is the most commonly cited potential barrier to growth in the chemical recycling sector, particularly given the ongoing uncertainty over the acceptance of chemical recycling under EU legislative targets, and the EU’s approach to mass balance.

FEAD: ENVI position on PPWR on the right track

| FEAD supports the adoption by the ENVI Committee of the position on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation.

New innovation summit at Petcore 2024 annual conference

| Next year’s annual Petcore Conference will feature an Innovation Summit where delegates from across the PET value chain will present a diverse range of ground-breaking initiatives.

Europe’s third-largest panelboard uses Tomra’s wood sorting technology

| The third-largest panelboard producer in Europe is equipped with Tomra Recycling Sorting’s latest X-ray transmission and deep learning-based wood sorting solutions.

EU value chain organisations warn against “right of first refusal”

| Recent calls for the introduction of a priority access to recycled plastics, known as “right of first refusal”, have been increasingly taking space in the public debate on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation proposal (PPWR).

EU packaging waste generation with record increase

| In 2021, the EU generated 188.7 kg packaging waste per inhabitant, 10.8 kg more per person than in 2020, the biggest increase in 10 years, and almost 32 kg more than in 2011.

Plastic recycling industry at crossroads: Uncertainty and shrinking demand shifts

| The European plastic recycling industry is facing pressing challenges as the demand for recycled polymers dwindles to its lowest point recently.

Low demand, high imports endanger European plastics recycling industry

| According to Plastics Recyclers Europe, the plastics recycling market in Europe has been heavily destabilised throughout 2023.

Hybrid MSW and packaging sorting plant for Guadalajara

| Stadler Selecciona S.L.U., a subsidiary of Stadler Anlagenbau GmbH, has completed the installation of a new sorting plant at the Torija waste treatment centre.

New automated waste collection terminal in Bergen

| On October 4th, the Bergen Municipality, BIR and Envac jointly launched a new waste collection station of Bergen’s automated waste collection system.

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