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Most new plants use low-scrap input despite cost and environmental pluses, says analyst

| There are some powerful reasons for mills to favour the use of stainless steel scrap over virgin materials, not least that it is “the lowest cost option” for consuming mills and the subject of “very competitive pricing at the moment”.

Experts “super-optimistic” about prospects for recycled paper industry

| Short-term pain should give way to longer-term gain for the paper recycling industry, senior figures agreed at the latest meeting of the BIR Paper Division on May 20.

Aluminium scrap “cheap” so incentive to use more, according to leading analyst

| The implementation date of July 1 is fast approaching for China’s new non-ferrous scrap import licensing procedures.
Jürgen Nießen,

Using more scrap in steelmaking is an environmental “no-brainer”

| There are different technological pathways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in steelmaking but the best option is “to maximise the use of scrap” such as through switching to the electric arc furnace (EAF) production route where possible, according to Dr. Ir. Steven Vercammen, Senior Knowledge Expert at worldwide management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

New BIR president claims „great optimism“

| At the 2019 General Assembly of the Bureau of International Recycling on Tuesday, 21 May 2019 in Singapore, the world recycling body elected its new President, the British national William T. Bird of Chiho Environmental Group.

TowerBrook announces sale of Metallo Group

| TowerBrook Capital Partners has announced that it has signed an agreement with Aurubis AG, Hamburg, for the disposal of Metallo Holdings 3 B.V., (“Metallo”), the Belgian-Spanish non-ferrous metals recycling Group.

British RDF exporter discusses the capacity gap

| RDF exporter Andusia sees a capacity deficit between waste needing treatment and available capacity to treat said waste in the UK. Landfill sites are closing at a fast rate and existing UK Energy from Waste plants are full to capacity; hence the need to export.

A Zero Waste hierarchy for Europe

| Zero Waste Europe releases today a new proposal for a hierarchy in line with the Circular Economy.

Focus Enviro becomes exclusive Untha distribution partner in Australia

| Waste and organic equipment specialist Focus Enviro has secured an exclusive agreement with Untha, making it the distribution partner for Untha’s shredding technology in Australia.

Extrupet increases capacity with 2nd Starlinger PET recycling line

| Extrupet Group (Pty) Ltd, South Africa’s first and largest recycling operation for post- consumer PET bottles, has ordered a second Starlinger PET recycling line to meet the country’s growing demand for rPET.

European Recyling Platform collected more waste batteries than ever before

| European Recycling Platform (ERP) Germany once again increased its collection rate for waste batteries in 2018, collecting a total of 1,598 tonnes through its producer-owned take-back system.

Recovering metals from gas purification ash

| Stena Recycling and Vestforbrænding are establishing the world's first test plant that sorts out metals from gas purification ash.

A man’s mission for a better global resource recovery industry

| Ejvind Pedersen is a prominent figure in the global industry that supplies resources into the automotive sector, turning incineration bottom ash (IBA) into pure metal fractions that reach primary raw material quality.

PVC recycling at all-time high

| VinylPlus, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, recycled 739,525 tonnes of PVC within its framework in 2018 – a 15.6% increase on the previous year.