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Singapore’s NEA to implement mandatory packaging requirements to reduce waste in 3-5 years

| Singapore's Minister for Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli said that the country's National Environment Agency will implement mandatory packaging requirements within the coming three to five years in a bid to reduce packaging waste.

Electronics & Cars Recycling, Macau, China

| The 2016 edition of Electronics & Cars Recycling, the electronics and cars recycling conference in the Asia-Pacific region, will explore the considerable challenges and bountiful opportunities in these sectors.

British businesses urged to adopt circular economy principals

| Ian Cheshire, chairman of U.K.-based retailer Debenhams P.L.C. and Business in the Community environment leadership team, has said that British businesses must address environmental challenges and adopt circular economy principals.

E-waste including unused mobile phones pose threat to environment in Malaysia

| There are millions of unused and obsolete handphones with Malaysians that are posing a real threat to the environment. Several Malaysians just throw e-waste such as mobile phones and discarded tablets into the dustbins, and they end up in landfills where the minerals and materials inside can leak out.

Tomra provides sorting technology to new UK plastics recycling plant

| Sensor-based sorting specialist Tomra Sorting has been chosen by Monoworld Recycling as the technology partner for a new £9 million plastics recycling facility in Rushden, Northamptonshire.  

War of words over illegal dump sites in Hong Kong

| A war of words has broken out between the Hong Kong government and U.S.-based Basel Action Network over claims by the government that the watchdog had failed to alert the environmental protection department of a number of toxic e-waste sites in the New Territories.

Recylex receives conditional loan offer for German subsidiaries

| The conditional loan offer for the Recylex Group’s German subsidiaries made by a banking pool covers the full funding package sought and amounts to €67 million.
Christine Becker,

Zero-waste markets coming to US

| This trend in grocery shopping, which is very popular in Europe, is not as well known in North America.

Transfer Station Management on the Island of Mallorca

| The Island of Mallorca has a modern, integrated waste management system. The initial contract signed by the Consell of Mallorca or the Government of Mallorca was signed in 1992 and awarded to Tirme SA.

Aqua Metals reinvents lead recycling with new AquaRefining technology

| US-based Aqua Metals Inc. is reinventing lead recycling with its new AquaRefining technology.

Falling prices for scrap materials prompt closure of recycling centers in California

| Mike Oldfield, an official at California's Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), said that over 300 of the 2,100 recycling centers in the state have been closed in the last year and a half owing to falling prices for scrap materials. rePLanet, the state's biggest private operator, closed 191 centers in past January alone.

ZenRobotics to deliver recycling robots to Australia and Sweden

| ZenRobotics Ltd has agreed on delivering ZenRobotics Recycler waste-sorting systems to Australia and Sweden. The robotic waste sorting systems will be the first of their kinds in the respective markets.

Plastic packaging recycling in Canada up 3% in 2014

| The Canadian Plastics Industry Association has said in a report that plastic packaging recycling in Canada increased 3% year on year in 2014. The report has been created by Moore Recycling Associates Inc.

Fake clothing recycling bins in the UK

| Local and national charities are being cheated out of income by ambitious criminal who have started leaving fake clothes banks in towns and cities.
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