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Recycled phosphorus effective as a feed phosphate

| A collaborative project to test the usage of recycled phosphorus produced by EasyMining’s Ash2Phos process has successfully shown that the phosphorus recovered from incinerated sewage sludge works as a feed phosphate for livestock.

EU ETS emissions continued to decline during the Covid-19 pandemic

| Under current and planned measures, EU Member States project that ETS emissions will continue to decrease in the coming decades albeit at a slower pace than historically, according to the latest annual European Environment Agency (EEA) briefing 'Trends and projections in the EU ETS'.

Starlinger: Bottle-to-bottle plant for Turkey

| The food-grade PET recycling system will be supplied to rPET flake producer Başatlı in April 2022.

APK presents fully decolourised plastic recyclates

| According to the company, their newcycling technology has proven to succesfully recycle household plastic waste on an industrial scale and that all goals for scaling and decolourisation were achieved.

Waste-to-Hydrogen valid tool to help decarbonise the EU industry

| ESWET expresses its support to the draft gas package presented within the second batch of the “Fit for 55 package”, since it recognises the important decarbonisation potential of low-carbon hydrogen which can be generated by Waste-to-Hydrogen technologies.

Erema: Large-scale recycling plant with 40,000 tonnes capacity

| As the demand for recycled plastics grows, so does the size of the machines. This applies to the processing of polyolefins as well as to PET recycling.

Lindner part of world’s largest energy from waste facility

| Lindner has been chosen by the Swiss waste-to-energy technology firm Hitachi Zosen Inova, its joint venture partner, the BESIX Group, and the Dubai Municipality for bulk shredding at the world’s largest energy-from-waste plant. The facility is currently being built in Warsan, Dubai.

Stadler: New sorting plants in Asti and Parma

| Stadler was commissioned by G.A.I.A. Spa and Iren Ambiente to design and build new recycling plants in Asti and Parma.

From PET bottles straight to food contact grade r-PET packaging

| In summer 2021, Erema in collaboration with AMUT has finalized the installation and commissioning of ALTO packaging´s first extrusion line for food grade PET sheets in New Zealand market.

Regulatory issues in chemical recycling of end-of-life tires

| Weibold Academy article series discusses periodically the practical developments and scientific research findings in the end-of-life tire (ELT) recycling and pyrolysis industry.

Mixed waste sorting changing the game

| Tomra and a Norwegian waste sorting plant have demonstrated that mixed waste sorting prior to disposal is a superior solution to separate collection.

Creating a resilient economy within environmental limits

| Creating a more resilient and sustainable future will require Europe to reimagine its economic model, according to a new European Environment Agency (EEA) report.

Test of first modular CO2-capture service

| A full-scale carbon capture facility will shortly be assembled at the district heating plant of Rakkestad in Eastern Norway.

Atlas of plastic waste launched

| The Basel Action Network has joined forces with academics at Columbia and Yale Universities to create the Atlas of Plastic Waste, mapping thousands of plastic waste dumps scattered around the world.

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