Science & technology

Polish recycler uses bailing presses by HSM

| The family company P.U.H. Kondzłomex Szymon Woźny has been collecting and recycling secondary raw materials such as waste paper and foil for over 20 years.

Untha eyes expansion in Poland in 2020

| Industrial shredder manufacturer Untha is predicting that 2020 will be the biggest year yet for its Polish subsidiary, as the waste market continues to boom.

Spaleck presents new 3D compost screen

| The 3D combi type screening machine from the screening machine manufacturer Spaleck is shaping a new class of separation cut quality.

Technology for a seamless recycling economy

| The demand for plastics is increasing worldwide, and more and more waste is consequently being generated.

Stadler automated plant for Dansk Retursystem

| Stadler has completed commissioning of a new beverage packaging sorting plant it designed and built for Dansk Retursystem in Taastrup, Denmark.

Circle City Scan: Digital tool to support cities’ transition

| With support from the Mava Foundation, Circle Economy has announced the Circle City Scan Tool.

Sorting non-ferrous metals right down to 5 mm grain size

| The new Steinert Chutec chute sorter rounds off the portfolio of sensor- based sorting equipment for non-ferrous metals and allows heavy metals right down to a size of 5 mm to be sorted.

Intelligent technology for sustainability and conservation of resources

| Recycling, conservation of resources and genuine circular economy are central philosophies of Roither Maschinenbau, Seewalchen/Austria.

Disposal solutions by Strautmann Umwelttechnik

| The disposal of cardboard packaging is one of the tasks in the industry, to which little attention is paid.

Love recycling: A european-wide report into the state of commercial recycling

| The first snapshot of the findings from one of the largest ever commercially funded quantitative studies into business recycling and waste management across Europe are published today by Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) EMEA.

Watches made from recycled ocean plastic

| The swedish watchmaker Triwa has launched a series of watches made from recycled ocean plastic.

Global Recycling Day 2020 honours recycling heroes across the world

| Global Recycling Day 2020 has arrived and, although the world rightly focuses on its response to COVID-19, we encourage people around the world to remember the importance of recycling and to recognise the individuals, communities and businesses – some world renowned some unknown - who are the forefront of recycling innovation and best practice.

Pushing recycling to the max

| Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein and Hoffmann Neopac want to make new food cans from used cans, crown corks and twist-off closures.

Fibersort technology has been launched

| The Fibersort machine is ready to start valorizing global textile waste, sorting ~900 kgs of post-consumer textiles per hour, enabling a closed textiles loop.