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Cadel Deinking is now Keycycle Deinking

| Keycycle, a subsidiary of the Erema Group, has worked together for two years with the Spanish company Cadel Deinking to further develop the process of removing printing inks from the surface of plastic.

HDPE and PP recycling line for Turkish plastics recycler

| The recycling line, installed at the company’s recycling facility in Başiskele, Kocaeli Province, began operations in mid-September 2022.

New waste and recycling kit for Doosan wheel loaders

| Doosan has launched a new waste and recycling kit for the company’s DL-7 range of wheel loaders.

Leading a revolution in biowaste recycling

| Biowaste is a key topic in the European Union. 120 million tons of this residue are generated in the EU per year, which represents 200 kg per European citizen.

Vecoplan supplies processing and storage technology to UBQ

| UBQ Materials has patented the world’s first thermoplastic material consisting entirely of unsorted household waste, including organics.

New EU-funded project aims to prevent fires caused by batteries at e-waste recycling facilities

| A project that will develop an AI-powered battery detection system utilising data from x-ray detectors and pick-and-place robots has commenced on the 1 September.

Vecoplan: Cleaning process for plastics recycling

| At this year’s K trade fair, the company has introduced a further step in plastics processing.

How sensor-based sorting technology is driving advances in e-waste recycling

| With e-waste continuing to be the fastest growing waste stream in the world, Tomra Recycling’s Segment Manager for Metal Recycling, Terence Keyworth, looks at the ways in which the latest advances in sensor-based sorting can provide new opportunities for e-scrap recyclers.

EU economy GHG emissions increase in Q2 2022

| In the second quarter of 2022, EU economy greenhouse gas emissions totalled 905 million tonnes of CO2-equivalents (CO2-eq), a 3% increase compared with the same quarter of 2021.

BRT Hartner delivers largest bag opener so far 

| At the end of October, probably the largest bag opener in the world went into operation in Chavelot.

Andritz delivers textile recycling line to France

| Andritz delivered, installed, and commissioned a full textile recycling line for Renaissance Textile in Laval, France.

Report calls for urgent action to reduce material use in key industries

| Urgent action is needed to reduce material use in key industries to avoid unprecedented climate change, according to new research by Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) and Eunomia Research & Consulting.

Boosting recycling of plastic films for a European circular and climate-neutral economy

| The EU-funded CIMPA project united experts from across the European recycling value chain to tackle the mounting challenge of managing the more than 2.6 million tonnes of multilayer plastic films that are incinerated or landfilled.

AMP Robotics raises $91 million in Series C financing

| New investment to support modernization and scaling of waste infrastructure to improve the economics and efficiency of recycling.

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