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New research charts course to circular plastic

| A recently study by KPMG, Plastic feedstock for recycling in the Netherlands, highlights the Netherlands’ leading position in Europe in the reuse of raw materials.

Efficient sorting of electronic and electrical waste

| The requirements for recycling electronic waste have increased enormously recently.

First automated textile waste sorting and recycling line in France inaugurated

| France’s first industrial plant for automated sorting and recycling of textile waste was officially inaugurated at Nouvelles Fibres Textiles, Amplepuis, on November 30, 2023.

$13.5 Trillion Investment Needed to Fast-Track Decarbonization of Key Hard-to-Abate Industry Sectors

| Transitioning to a more sustainable and carbon-neutral future, $13.5 trillion in investments will be needed by 2050, particularly in the production, energy and transport sectors, according to a new World Economic Forum report.

Modernising Swiss Krono’s wood recycling line in Sully-sur-Loire, France

| Swiss Krono S.A.S. based in Sully-sur-Loire, the French subsidiary of the Swiss Krono Group, strongly emphasizes the environmental aspects of its activities and is committed to acting more sustainably every day.

Coperion Recycling Innovation Center is up and running

| In this high-tech test center for plastics recycling applications, every recycling process step – from material handling and feeding to extrusion, compounding, pelletizing, material postprocessing and deodorization – can be tested.

15 interventions for change

| Plastic waste remains one of the biggest global problems. In an attempt to solve it,

Chromasens SWIR Camera sorts recyclable plastics based on spectral properties

| Today, there is an urgent need for innovative techniques to increase plastic recycling.

Sufficiency instead of fast fashion

| Textiles remain one of the major problems when it comes to recycling, and not just from an environmental perspective.

“We need to talk about this topic without any fear”

| FEAD hosted yesterday a conference on PFAS in the waste sector to analyse the impact of a potential ban.

Tomra presents new Innosort Flake

| Its enhanced features enable simultaneous flake sorting by polymer, colour and transparency, achieving unmatched quality even from highly contaminated inputs.

Aimplas’ social impact in 2022 was quantified at €665 million

| For the fourth consecutive year, Aimplas presented its sustainability report, prepared in accordance with GRI standards, in which it takes stock of its activity in 2022 based on ESG criteria and renews its commitment to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and the SDGs.
Tim Reckmann,

New report points out limitations of pyrolysis

| A new report released today has criticised a so-called “miraculous” method of plastic waste management that has been shown to be misleading in its efficacy.

Europe’s third-largest panelboard uses Tomra’s wood sorting technology

| The third-largest panelboard producer in Europe is equipped with Tomra Recycling Sorting’s latest X-ray transmission and deep learning-based wood sorting solutions.

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