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Joago rides the sustainable wave

| Joago’s mission is to show that recycled materials lead to great products thus moving from destructive consumption towards a zero-waste system. We focus on transforming collected ocean waste into beautiful masterpieces.

Study: Brominated flame retardants not hindering recycling of WEEE plastics

| The International Bromine Council, has released a comprehensive report regarding WEEE plastics flows and recycling efforts in Europe.  

A unique facility for fly ash recycling

| On November 17, Stena Metall, together with the Danish company Vestforbrænding, inaugurated the world's first full-scale HaloSep plant.

Rough tools for fine particles

| When it comes to hiring first-class machines, you should head to Oud-Alblas in the Netherlands, about 25 km from Rotterdam.

XProEM: Creating sustainable solutions in LIB recycling

| Since 1991, lithium ion batteries (“LIBs”) have grown rapidly to become the energy storage of choice for portable electronic devices. Recently, LIBs have been...

Arjes starts with strategic reorientation into 2021

| At the beginning of next year, Arjes wants to present its strategic reorientation and divide its double-shaft shredders into three basic product lines.

Harvesting the Urban Forest

| It appears we can apportion blame on COVID-19 for most of our current woes, one of which would be the resurgence of paper-plastic coffee cups. Even prior to the pandemic we were struggling to properly recycle these take-away cups.

Tomra renewed urgency of a new approach to fighting climate change

| In a study commissioned by Tomra, the findings from Eunomia conclude that although it is routinely stated that waste management is responsible for only 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, regionally customized and holistic models can play a vital role in reducing global CO2 emissions by up to 5%.

Vecoplan: Parts and services straight from the manufacturer

| Vecoplan AG places great emphasis on service. The company’s technicians not only prevent malfunctions and machine downtimes (or rectify them quickly), they also ensure that the customer satisfaction level is constantly rising.

Vecoplan: Pre-shredder for voluminous objects and bulky wooden items

| The new Vecoplan VPC 1600 pallet crusher has been specifically designed to pre-shred voluminous articles and bulky wooden items.

APK enables the use of plastic recyclates in cosmetic packaging

| APK’s Newcycling-process with its physical, solvent-based recycling technology generates plastic recyclates of close to virgin quality, which are suitable to be used in cosmetic packaging.

BGN Technologies and ECOIBÉRIA collaborate for Biodegradation of Plastic

| BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), announced today that it had signed a research collaboration agreement with ECOIBÉRIA in the field of plastic recycling by bacteria, based on research from the team of Prof. Ariel Kushmaro and Prof. Alex Sivan, both from the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology and Avram and Stella Goldstein-Goren Department of Biotechnology Engineering at BGU.

PVC upcycling project

| ‘PVC Upcycling’ is a pilot project aimed at recovering the PVC component of electrical cables coming from the decommissioning of energy plants (de-manufacturing) and at recycling it into products with a low environmental impact (re-manufacturing).

New pilot plants to test carbon capture technology at industrial level

| Coordinated by AIMPLAS since early 2018, the European CARMOF project is now setting up innovative CO2 capture demonstrators at two industrial facilities in Greece.
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