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Ifat 2016: What’s new?

| RECYCLING magazine sums up all Ifat news in an overview.

Sesotec shows new Varisort sorting system at Ifat

| The Varistort system presented by Sesotec is especially suitable for the sorting of solid waste materials such as metal waste, plastics, and electronic waste, but can also be used for the sorting of residual waste.

Copex shredder goes to Oman again

| Modern Steel Mills (MSM), one of the leading melting shops in the Sultanate of Oman, have started production with their new Lidex 1000t scrap shear manufactured by Copex.

Metals from SLF with Sesotec sorting technology

| Aeiforos SA, for its End-of-Life vehicle (ELV) recycling process, is one of the first companies in Europe being able to prove compliance with the recycling rates according to the End-of-Life vehicles ordinance.In order to further improve the value added from shredder residue, the Greek recycling company uses a Sesotec Varisort M for the recovery of metals from the shredder light fraction (SLF).

FEAD statement on Eco-Design Directive workplan for 2015-2017

| Anticipating the college of Commissioners on Eco-design policy on 20 April 2016, FEAD has prepared a statement and has contacted the Commissioners to stress the importance of eco-design.

Waste Pro Selects CP Group for Single Stream Recycling Facility

| Waste Pro Selects CP Group for Single Stream Recycling Facility

Shredder boosts efficiency in the production of recycled materials

| Belgian plastics recycler Tivaco is converting clean post-industrial scrap into high-grade pellets. On its latest, fully automated line the company uses cutting-edge Austrian/German technology to provide recyclates of highest possible quality at throughputs of up to 1,700 kg/h.

Revised guideline for recycling paper quality control

| The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has revised its guidelines on Paper for Recycling quality control, with recommendations for Paper for Recycling suppliers and paper mills.

Urban mining: The new way to riches?

| Waste businesses vie for electronic goods to release a small fortune in precious metals
Fine line at the Reiling glass recycling plant with three Sesotec K9 systems.

Reiling Relies on Sesotec’s K9 Separation Technology

| The specialist in glass recycling uses the new K9 sorter for the colour sorting of cullet starting from a grain size of three millimetre.

The Plastics Industry State of play

| The European Plastics Converters (EuPC) in association with Polymer Comply Europe (PCE) held a REACH Workshop: The Plastics Industry State of play with practical examples on 17 and 18 March 2016 in Brussels.
Dieter Schütz,

Think tank for automobile recycling

| On March 18, the International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2016 in Berlin, Germany, came to an end. More than 220 representatives of the global automotive recycling sector had come together to discuss current political conditions and the latest trends in recycling technology.
public procurement rules

FEAD concerned about Waste Treatment BREF

| In its comments on the first draft of the Waste Treatment BREF (Best available techniques Reference document), FEAD is concerned about the emission levels.

Liam disassembles iphones

| During their spring presentation, Apple has introduced the recycling program Apple Renew and a disassembly robot called Liam.