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European Copper Alloy Ingot Makers 2015 slight about previous year ́s level

| The situation of the European Copper Alloy Ingot Makers increased slightly com-pared to the previous year. This was pointed out by the President of OECAM, An-ton Bauer, during the last General Assembly in Vienna.

Starlinger wants to reduce post-consumer waste smells

| Starlinger is presenting a technology at K 2016 that reduces the smell during and after recycling significantly and allows recyclers to “upcycle” their end product.

Complete solution for plastic recyclers

| Bühler Sortex and National Recovery Technologies (NRT) will be showcasing their complete solution for bottle and flake sorting in at K 2016 in Düsseldorf on the 19-26 October.

Sesotec focuses on contaminant detection and material sorting at K

| Sesotec intends to present the rapid pro-sense metal separator and the raycon D x-ray inspection system – both fit for “Industrie 4.0”.

MSS updates optical sorters

| ColorMask is MSS's proprietary illuminated reference technology and is featured in all L-VIS units. The most recent design update features improved sorting accuracy for...
Gabi Schoenemann,

First vertical waste treatment plant for Singapore

| Singapore’s first vertical waste incinerator, designed to dispose of hazardous waste and chemical waste while saving more space than conventional incinerators, will be ready in February 2017.

Turning municipal waste into biomass fibre

| Wilson Bio-Chemical has opened a micro autoclave fibre production plant for turning municipal solid waste into biomass fibre.

Shredding the core

| Smurfit Kappa in Euskirchen relies on a PHH core shredder from Höcker Polytechnik to reduce the volume of cores from heavy paper reels.

Separating film from fiber

| Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) has announced its plastic identification and removal system, utilizing NRTs Fiberpure optical sorter with the option of a Nihot pneumatic extraction system.

Brand behind the brands captures the spirit of winemaking

| A company specialising in turning wine industry waste into value add products is helping to drive Australia’s booming craft spirits sector.

India needs serious action plan to manage waste

| India is one the careless nations which does not seem take waste management seriously. It is rightly termed as a country underdevelopment despite having potential to make the system work by adopting advanced useful methods.

Acquisition for software producers

| The irish AMCS group has acquired the dutch software producer GMT from investment company Nedvest.

IARC Call for papers

| The 17th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2017 organized by ICM AG will be held from March 22 – 24, 2017 in the Hotel Palace in Berlin, Germany.

Fungi recycle rechargeable batteries

| E science news reports that a team of researchers have discovered a process of extracting cobalt and lithium from waste batteries using natural occuring fungi