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Germany’s largest site for recovering post-consumer packages has been commissioned

| The new German Packaging Act (VerpackG) came into force on 1 January 2019, superseding the previous Packaging Ordinance. Companies now need to deploy technologies which guarantee a high degree of sorting.

New E-Mobility and Circular Economy conference EMCE 2019

| Building on the many years’ experience and expertise gained at the International Automotive Recycling Conference, ICM is proposing a new innovative formula that will go even further in answering the most difficult questions that politicians and the automotive industry are facing today.

Alternative Fuel Award: Call for participation

| Following the successful first presentation of the Alternative Fuel Award to companies from Egypt, Portugal and South Africa in 2018, MVW Lechtenberg & Partner is now announcing the “Alternative Fuel Award” for the second time.

Robots to sort scrap metal in Sweden

| Swedish scrap processing company Skrotfrag installs a robotic sorting line for scrap metal.

UN report demands urgent actions

| The most comprehensive and rigorous assessment on the state of the environment completed by the UN in the last five years was published yesterday, warning that damage to the planet is so dire that people’s health will be increasingly threatened unless urgent action is taken.

New plant for polypropylene recycling

| American company PureCycle Technologies has announced a partnership with Milliken & Company and as it moves forward with plans to open its first plant to restore used polypropylene (PP) plastic to 'virgin-like' quality with a new recycling method.

Tomra e-book: Analysing the viability of using 100% recycled plastics

| The downloadable document shows that it is technically possible and economically worthwhile to produce goods from 100% recycled plastic.
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FEAD comments on ECHA Database

| In the context of its work on the chemicals-products-waste interface, the EU Commission launched a feasibility study on the use of tools to manage information flows along product supply chains and in the waste sector.

Dow tackles plastic pollution and creates jobs

| Dow is helping to create jobs and reduce plastic pollution in South Africa through their social initiative, Project Butterfly.
Tim Reckmann,

Promising results in polystyrene recycling

| Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS), the joint industry initiative to accelerate circularity for styrenic polymers and Agilyx, a leading developer of chemical recycling technologies for plastics, have achieved promising results from the depolymerisation of various post-consumer polystyrene waste samples.

IARC 2019: Interview with Johann Prammer, Voestalpine

| At the IARC 2019, Johann Prammer will be providing an overview of technological trends for processes and materials up to the year 2050. Before the conference we had an opportunity to talk to him and in an interview he told us about current major trends and how he sees the role of the circular economy.

100% food grade PET business

| “We have been working with Amut for a number of years to develop an excellent technological and yet economical solution to meet our high standards for r-PET flakes. AMUT is a proven machinery and technology manufacturer that has demonstrated how to best meet our goals and objectives” stated Mr. Yash Awasthi, Vice President of Indorama Ventures North American Operations regarding this project.

No separation anxiety

| Clean sorting of the final product is important, and not just in recycling. With the Metalfex, Komptech offers a mobile nonferrous metal separator, that also efficiently separates out ferrous metals.

WRAP and OPRL form strategic partnership

| WRAP and OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) today announced a strategic partnership which sets out how the two organisations will work together towards meeting the UK’s recycling targets.