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Circular Propylene Glycol solutions

| Dow announces launch of reduced carbon, bio-based, and circular Propylene Glycol solutions to support more sustainable offerings for propylene glycol applications.

Growth and focus on electrification

| 71 years of handling and crane technology: at this year's in-house exhibition from September 19 to 22 at the company's headquarters in Straubing, Sennebogen will showcase new technological developments and investments in new and existing sites.

AI-based sorting technologies create new cycles

| Steinert and RE Plano, a subsidiary of the Remondis Group, have joined forces to establish a state-of-the-art sorting facility in Bochum.

Italian PET recycler launches new food-grade rPET brand

| With two Starlinger Recostar PET bottle-to-bottle recycling lines, Piedmont-based Dentis Recycling Italy expanded its product portfolio and now offers food-grade rPET pellets in addition to hot-washed PET bottle flakes.

Reusable take-away packaging has significant potential to reduce carbon footprint

| Reusable take-away packaging could present a compelling climate case over single-use alternatives if return and washing systems are properly implemented and optimised, according to a new study today from Zero Waste Europe, Reloop, and Tomra.

Research project: recycling paper from mixed waste

| The world produces and consumes vast amounts of paper for a wide variety of uses.

BioICEP Project turns non-biodegradable plastics into new biobased materials

| Aimplas has carried out chemical and biotechnological pretreatments to turn synthetic plastics into biodegradable bioplastics.

Turning non-biodegradable plastics into new materials

| AIMPLAS has carried out chemical and biotechnological pretreatments to turn synthetic plastics into biodegradable bioplastics. The Plastics Technology Centre has applied methods based on microwaves and reactive extrusion that accelerate biodegradation of conventional plastics.

Potential of biomass cultivated to produce bioplastics

| In its first two years, the European BeonNAT project has achieved promising results that demonstrate the potential of biomass cultivated to produce bioplastics for bioactive cosmetics, biochar, activated carbon and pet litter with essential oils.

Twin Screw Extruder for Chemical Recycling

| Coperion will deliver a twin screw extruder and corresponding peripherals for a chemical recycling plant that Belgian waste management company Indaver is building to transform plastic waste into basic chemicals.

Trimclean removes trims from waste textiles

| Valvan introduces a new system to automatically remove undesired components from textiles during the recycling process.

RecyClass updates design for recycling guidelines

| Following the testing campaigns commissioned by RecyClass, a new set of Design for Recycling Guidelines have been released for all plastic packaging streams.

Tana 440ET electric shredder combines clean operations and mobility

| The newest addition to the Tana Shark shredder series, the Tana 440ET, uses electricity as its power source.

Newly developed products for plastic recyclates

| The use of high-quality plastic recyclates in new products is required wherever possible. However, interfering odors often lead to complaints from processors. HPF The Mineral Engineers has developed novel additives that can remedy this situation.

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