Waste paper

Life Cycle Assessment Study single use vs. multiple use

| Ramboll’s new European Study challenges common perception that reusable tableware has lower environmental impacts.

Keycycle is intensifying cooperation with Cadel Deinking

| The Spanish company Cadel Deinking has been working on the removal of printing inks from plastic surfaces since 2014 and has developed an innovative process for this purpose.

Latest generation Autosort boosts paper recycling

| Following the installation of seven of Tomra’s recently launched latest generation Autosort units at its paper sorting plant in Knetzgau, Germany, Koppitz has not only increased the plant’s capacity, but is also achieving higher purity levels of recovered paper fractions than ever before.

ISRI Adopts Position on Paper Bag Recycling

| The position of the the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries opposes bans and fees on the valuable resource. was developed in response to several high-profile municipalities either banning or placing fees on paper bags.

New baler can make recycling cheaper

| Presona is launching a new baler design which promises to reduce recycling costs while increasing operational efficiency. The new MP 270 MH baler is the first Presona baler built using a new design concept that creates high capacity while being cost effective.

Recognition as UN Global Compact LEAD Participant

| UPM has been again recognised as a UN Global Compact LEAD participant for its strong commitment to responsible business.

Completely recyclable food packaging

| Mondi is launching a fully recyclable 80% paper-based packaging solution for cold meats and cheese.

Impact of COVID-19 on Waste Paper Recycling Industry

| In the last few years, the paper recycling industry has seen important development as environmental resources have become increasingly worried.

Andritz receives repeat order for two shredders

| Andritz has received an order from Papierfabrik Palm to supply two Aduro P shredders, type 2000 – an improved version of the FRX shredder – to its paper mill in Wörth, Germany.

Video recordings of BIR Global Forum

| From 2 to 23 June 2020, BIR organised a series of 11 online commodity sessions. 1470 members participated online. Now highlights and full video archives are available for all BIR members.

Recycling rate for paper increased to 72%

| According to EPRC, the European paper recycling rate has increased from 71,7% in 2018 to 72% in 2019 due to a stable utilisation of Paper for Recycling (PfR) in the European paper industry.

How will waste paper recycling market incur growth?

| The waste paper recycling market is expected to experience an uptrend in the growth statistics across the forecast period of 2019-2027 mainly due to the rising awareness among the global populace about environmental conservation.

Paper recycling sector needs to be “supported and grown”

| The paper recycling industry is little more than 20 weeks away from a turning point.

Particularly wide filling opening for easy filling

| The ever-increasing use of plastic and cardboard, as well as the growing mountains of packaging waste, have also increased the demands on recycling.
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