Waste plastics

Subdued forecast für european polymer demand expected to 2023

| The European polymer demand is set to grow by 1.5%/year to 2023, according to AMI Consulting’s latest report, Polymer Demand in Europe 2019.

South Australia embraces the circular economy

| South Australia has embraced the circular economy with a state-wide ban of single-use plastics, a commitment to renewable energy and a roster of reputable companies driving reuse.
Foto: WCRS

Consumers demand action from manufacturers to tackle plastic pollution

| New research from Kantar’s Worldpanel division, in collaboration with GfK and Europanel, reveals that only one in five (19%) consumers believe they should be taking personal responsibility for their plastic waste, while half (48%) expect manufacturers to take the lead on tackling the issue.

EuPC launces 3rd edition of recycling survey

| Based on the findings of the first two surveys, and backed up by their success and the signature of the Circular Plastics Alliance Declaration, EuPC decided to conduct the third edition of its survey on the use of recycled polymers by plastics converters in Europe in cooperation with Polymer Comply Europe Sarl. (PCE).

Axion welcomes ‘all-in’ Deposit Return Scheme proposal

| Proposals for an ‘all-in’ deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks containers have been welcomed by Axion as a positive move to encourage people to recycle more and associate a value with waste plastic and other materials.

Circular economy for big bags at K 2019

| At K 2019 in Düsseldorf Starlinger wants to present a closed loop system for big bags made from woven polypropylene.

K: Steinert shows sorting of black plastics

| The sorting of black plastics into pure grades to close recycling loops will be the focus of Steinert's presence at K Trade fair.

Europe faces challenges in meeting plastic bottle recovery target

| The European recycling industry is going to miss a 2025 target for recycling PET bottles unless there is a reversal of the slowing growth rate in recycling, according to a new study by ICIS. The study also found evidence that bottle-deposit schemes are working better as an incentive than market prices for recycled material.

New pre-shredder for light packaging processing

| At the beginning of 2019, a new processing plant with 6,000 m² of factory space was put into operation at company Hubert Eing Kunststoffverwertung GmbH at their site in Gescher.

Axion Polymers extends recycling capacities

| According to the company, the increased waste processing and extrusion capability of its 100% recycled polymer grades is the first phase of continuing investment in the plant development.

Avery Dennison joins Ellen MacArthur CE 100

| Global labeling and packaging materials manufacturer Avery Dennison Corporation has joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 (CE 100) network as part of the company’s support of a global transition to a circular economy.

Growth expected for packing waste recycling

| Countries are employing rules and regulations to control and recycle huge amounts of packaging waste. Research company Trends Market Research expects an outstanding Growth for the packaging waste recycling market during 2018 and 2026.

Petcore launches monomer recycling group

| According to Petcore, monomer recycling opens a completely new perspective on how to deal with the concerns about plastics and plastic waste.

UK Plastics Pact launches rigid plastic packaging recyclability guidelines

| OPRL hails the UK Plastics Pact new guidance on the recyclability of rigid plastic packaging as a further vital step driving sustainable packaging and making it easy for consumers to recycle.