Waste plastics

Tim Reckmann, pixelio.de

Chemcycling of waste to hydrogen

| Chemical recycling, or chemcycling, using thermochemical processes such as gasification, reforming and pyrolysis can convert hydrocarbon-rich solid wastes to hydrogen. These thermochemical processes yield syngas which can be further processed to hydrogen, a clean, emission-free energy vector.

FEAD participates in the European Parliament hearing on plastics

| Today, FEAD, the European Waste Management Association, represented by its President, Mr. Peter Kurth, participated in the European Parliament ENVI and PETI Committees' Joint Public Hearing entitled “Plastics and waste management in the circular economy”.

RepescaPlas wants to achieve products frommarine litte

| After closing its third year with the collection of 4.2 tonnes of marine litter and excellent results in terms of recovery of this litter through chemical recycling, the RepescaPlas project has entered its fourth phase, in which it is expected to strengthen the industrial-scale management and treatment of marine litter.

EU microplastic ban just got a step closer, but has major loopholes

| EU plans to stop firms adding microplastic to almost all products have major loopholes that would keep pollution flooding into the environment for nearly a decade and reward unproven biodegradable plastics, environmental groups are warning.

New Initiative promotes mono PET flexible packaging for a circular economy

| Vita Nova is a new consortium of industry players promoting the use of mono-PET flexible packaging in the circular economy.

PreZero is putting recycling products on the market

| For the first time, Lidl and Kaufland are selling household goods that are made from at least 95 % recycled plastic from PreZero.

Plastics Recyclers Europe and Styrenics Circular Solutions deepen collaboration

| Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) and Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS) announced today their reciprocal membership.

Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2021 open for entries

| The winners will be announced at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe in November.

Ceflex shows new market potential for recyclates from flexible packaging

| A new Quality Recycling Process (QRP) for flexible packaging, from Ceflex and its stakeholders, shows high value applications for recycled polymers from a mechanical recycling process is viable.

British universities to further develop chemical recycling

| Innovate UK backs a 1.2 million GBP project with Recycling Technologies, the University of Birmingham, the University of Surrey, and the Cranfield University to further develop chemical recycling technology in the UK.

Verra, 3RI launch global plastic stewardship initiative

| Verra and the 3R Initiative have launched a new plastic stewardship initiative that will establish the world’s first comprehensive framework for companies to verifiably manage and reduce plastic waste.

Rigid polyolefins need increased quality collection & sorting

| A new study identifies key measures to advance recycling.

APK takes aim at new markets for recycled plastics

| At APK AG in Merseburg, Germany, improving recyclate quality and working to close the loop on plastic products remain at the top of their agenda for 2021.

Ineos Styrolution and Polystyvert want to recycle polystyrene

| Ineos Styrolution, a global leader in styrenics, and Polystyvert, an innovative leader in dissolution technology, are collaborating to convert post-consumer polystyrene plastic into a new, high quality, polystyrene (PS) raw material resin.
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