Waste plastics

Harvesting the Urban Forest

| It appears we can apportion blame on COVID-19 for most of our current woes, one of which would be the resurgence of paper-plastic coffee cups. Even prior to the pandemic we were struggling to properly recycle these take-away cups.

APK enables the use of plastic recyclates in cosmetic packaging

| APK’s Newcycling-process with its physical, solvent-based recycling technology generates plastic recyclates of close to virgin quality, which are suitable to be used in cosmetic packaging.

PVC upcycling project

| ‘PVC Upcycling’ is a pilot project aimed at recovering the PVC component of electrical cables coming from the decommissioning of energy plants (de-manufacturing) and at recycling it into products with a low environmental impact (re-manufacturing).

Bioplastics successfully meets all EU safety standards

| Products made from bio-based plastics must undergo the same testing procedures as conventional plastic products to access the market of the European Union (EU).

APK Relies on Coperion ZSK Extruder Technology

| For its solvent-based plastic recycling process Newcycling, APK AG is relying on the ZSK extruder technology and technical process expertise from Coperion. Using the Newcycling process, multi-polymer and multi-layer plastic packaging, that previously could not be recycled, can now be separated and processed into homogeneous regrind using ZSK twin screw extruders.

Sustainable watches from Joago

| Joago produces sustainable watches by incorporating solar technology, sustainable materials, and providing circular economic initiatives such as the retrieval of 1 lb of ocean waste per purchase.

New polystyrene recycling project

| Ineos Styrolution has announced it will be contributing to the research project “Remove2Reclaim – Recycling of plastics and titanium dioxide via advanced dissolution and separation techniques for plastic additive removal”.

NextLap seeks for innovation for end-of-life tire market

| A Portuguese used tire manager and a multinational recycler are looking for startups to create innovative projects that will reuse end-of-life tires and their components.

Michelin hails potential “game-changer” for end-of-life tyre market

| There was tangible excitement at the BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee webinar on October 15 following a guest presentation on the recycling of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) into secondary raw materials for tyres and other product applications.

Glimmers of brighter future amid “perfect storm” for plastics recyclers

| Not for the first time, regulations took centre-stage in discussions hosted by the BIR Plastics Committee. Its webinar on October 14 featured an in-depth review of the implications of Basel Convention amendments entering force at the start of 2021.
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PlasticsEurope supports a global framework for plastics

| Global issues require global solutions. This is why PlasticsEurope, the Pan-European trade association representing plastics manufacturers, supports a global framework for plastics aiming at reducing plastic waste in any environment.
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OCS becomes an intrinsic part of PlasticsEurope’s DNA

| PlasticsEurope, the Pan-European trade association representing plastics manufacturers, launched today its Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) annual Progress Report taking stock of the advancements made by our members together with the value chain towards ending pellet loss in any environment.

European PVC industry builds new 2030 sustainability programme

| VinylPlus, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, brought together over 180 participants from 24 countries at the virtual VinylPlus Sustainability Forum (VSF) today.
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BIR publishes new plastics report

| How to deal effectively with plastics waste is one of the conundrums of the modern era. Many have had their say on this complex topic and now the BIR world recycling organization has compiled its own heavily-researched analysis that positions recycling as one of the key solutions to improved end-of-life management of this ubiquitous material.
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