Waste plastics

Time to take plastics recycling to greater heights?

| Stuart Foster, Recoup CEO, has expressed concern that the activities and actions (or lack of them) in 2016 will potentially shape the next decade or more for the UK plastic recycling opportunity.
Andreas Hermsdorf, pixelio.de

Recylex still on the downswing

| The company's decline in consolidated sales is justified mainly by the drop in lead and zinc prices compared to the first half of 2015.
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European plastics group encouraging innovation

| The European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organisations (EPRO) is inviting companies across Europe to enter their products and designs for products made from recycled plastics to enter for European recognition.
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Research to determine use of recycled plastic in diesel engines

| A new research will determine if Plaxx, a fuel made from mixed plastic waste, can be used as an alternative to crude derived fuels in industrial and marine engines.

New PET recycling plant for MEG

| The soft-drinks producer Mitteldeutsche Erfrischungsgetränke GmbH & Co. KG (MEG) is part of the Schwarz Group that also owns the Lidl and Kaufland supermarket chains.

Recycled plastic in India may be contaminated

| A recent study by India-based not-for-profit environmental organisation Toxics Link has found that plastic laden with harmful flame retardants might be contaminating the entire recycled plastic stream in the country.

Japan’s GOMI Recycle 110 seeks to invest in plastics recycling factory in Cambodia

| Japan's GOMI Recycle 110 is looking to invest in a waste recycling factory in Cambodia's Svay Rieng province. The factory would be set up to recycle plastic waste into finished products for local markets.

Tomra provides sorting technology to new UK plastics recycling plant

| Sensor-based sorting specialist Tomra Sorting has been chosen by Monoworld Recycling as the technology partner for a new £9 million plastics recycling facility in Rushden, Northamptonshire.  

Falling prices for scrap materials prompt closure of recycling centers in California

| Mike Oldfield, an official at California's Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), said that over 300 of the 2,100 recycling centers in the state have been closed in the last year and a half owing to falling prices for scrap materials. rePLanet, the state's biggest private operator, closed 191 centers in past January alone.

Plastic packaging recycling in Canada up 3% in 2014

| The Canadian Plastics Industry Association has said in a report that plastic packaging recycling in Canada increased 3% year on year in 2014. The report has been created by Moore Recycling Associates Inc.

No need to ban plastics, recycling must be encouraged

| The Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association has asked the country's Perak state government to reconsider its decision on banning the use of plastic bags and polystyrene containers. The MPMA has urged the government to educate the public on waste management and anti-littering instead of banning plastics.

Sorting technology replaces manual sorting of PET and PVC flakes

| The indonesia company PT. Rejeki Adigraha has replaced the manual sorting of PET and PVC flakes with automated sorting technology of Sesotec.
lichtkunst.73, pixelio.de

IBM Research scientists find new way to recycle polycarbonates into BPA-free plastics

| IBM Research scientists have discovered a new way to recycle polycarbonates into a stronger type of plastic that does not leach BPA chemical. Polycarbonates are hard plastics that decompose and leach toxic chemicals like BPA into the environment.

Recycling Post-consumer Waste and Film Waste

| For the production of high-quality regrind Herbold Meckesheim has installed a model line for Rodepa in the Netherlands that was launched at the beginning of the year. High-quality granulate for film thicknesses beneath 30 my is produced from a mix of plastic waste.