Waste plastics

Europe R-PE and R-PP demand remains weak, but prices may have bottomed out

| Demand across Europe in recycled polyolefins is expected to remain low for the remainder of 2023 as bearish macroeconomics continue to drag on the sector.

Indorama Ventures achieves 100 billion PET bottles recycling milestone

| Indorama Ventures has announced that it has recycled 100 billion post-consumer PET bottles since February 2011.

Aimplas to hold second edition of international seminar on plastics recycling

| For two days, Aimplas will analyse the challenges and opportunities facing the plastics recycling sector at the second edition of its international meeting with the support of nearly twenty sponsors, media partners and collaborating companies.

EPBP launches design guidelines for recyclability for ‘food grade’ opaque-white PET bottles

| The inclusion of opaque white PET beverage bottles in the targets set by the European Commission demonstrates the commitment of the industry towards a more sustainable future.

A broad range of advanced recycling technologies keeps carbon in the loop

| Following its successful premiere in 2022, the Advanced Recycling Conference 2023 will present the broad range of advanced recycling solutions from extrusion, dissolution, solvolysis, enzymolysis, pyrolysis, thermal depolymerisation, gasification, to pre- and post-treatment, upgrading, and reactive extrusion on November 28 and 29 in Cologne.

Circular Propylene Glycol solutions

| Dow announces launch of reduced carbon, bio-based, and circular Propylene Glycol solutions to support more sustainable offerings for propylene glycol applications.

AI-based sorting technologies create new cycles

| Steinert and RE Plano, a subsidiary of the Remondis Group, have joined forces to establish a state-of-the-art sorting facility in Bochum.

Italian PET recycler launches new food-grade rPET brand

| With two Starlinger Recostar PET bottle-to-bottle recycling lines, Piedmont-based Dentis Recycling Italy expanded its product portfolio and now offers food-grade rPET pellets in addition to hot-washed PET bottle flakes.

Reusable take-away packaging has significant potential to reduce carbon footprint

| Reusable take-away packaging could present a compelling climate case over single-use alternatives if return and washing systems are properly implemented and optimised, according to a new study today from Zero Waste Europe, Reloop, and Tomra.

Tomra-CEO Tparticipates in NPAP plastic talks panel

| Tomra was invited to the National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP) Plastic Talks in Ha Noi, Vietnam.

BioICEP Project turns non-biodegradable plastics into new biobased materials

| Aimplas has carried out chemical and biotechnological pretreatments to turn synthetic plastics into biodegradable bioplastics.

Turning non-biodegradable plastics into new materials

| AIMPLAS has carried out chemical and biotechnological pretreatments to turn synthetic plastics into biodegradable bioplastics. The Plastics Technology Centre has applied methods based on microwaves and reactive extrusion that accelerate biodegradation of conventional plastics.

From PET bottle to high-tech fibre

| Unifi collects used plastics, including PET bottles, especially near the coasts of developing countries and regions, ensuring that plastics do not end up in the ocean in the first place.

Lindner & Erema found joint company

| With the jointly founded holding company Blueone Solutions, the companies want to bundle their expertise and create industry standards in plastics recycling through joint research projects.

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