First meeting of the “united nations of recycling”

At the BIR conference in Amsterdam, the World council of recycling association had its constitutional meeting.

Since the success of the recycling industry is not recognised widely, the World council wants to bring together the whole industry and speak with one voice, as BIR president Ranjit Baxi explained. The BIR is very strong in Europe, but wants to include other world regions as well. The world council wants to promote free trade in recyclables and to reduce administrative burdens, Baxi explained further. At the same time, it wants to promote a sustainable development that profits developed nations as well as emerging countries. The council wants to be a platform for discussions in the industry and to defend the interests of the industry.

A main project that Baxi wants to pursue with the „united nations of recycling“ is the Global Reycling Day. This initiative is intended to increase the profile and awareness of recycling worldwide while underlining the contribution of the recycling industry towards safeguarding „the future of our planet“. While it been hoped to launch this annual celebration of recycling in 2017, the process of establishing such an event is highly complex and is therefore likely to take a little longer than originally targeted, Baxi confirmed.



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