| Year on year, we are seeing the median age of populations around the globe, rise. Due to technological advancements, changing of lifestyles, or simply better medical care, the UK has seen a statistical surge in one area in particular - 900,000 over the age of 85 in 1991, whereas in 2016, that number has risen to 1.6m. by 2066, predictions have been made that an estimated 5.1 million people will be aged 85 and over.

Petcore launches monomer recycling group

| According to Petcore, monomer recycling opens a completely new perspective on how to deal with the concerns about plastics and plastic waste.
Wilhelmine Wulff, pixelio.de

European organisations call for prioritisation of sustainable food policy

| Thirty-six leading campaign groups, farming organisations, and think tanks, including Zero Waste Europe, have come together to call on the new European Commission President to establish an integrated EU food policy during her premiership.

UK Plastics Pact launches rigid plastic packaging recyclability guidelines

| OPRL hails the UK Plastics Pact new guidance on the recyclability of rigid plastic packaging as a further vital step driving sustainable packaging and making it easy for consumers to recycle.

Metal detection for glass & PVC recycling

| Eriez Europe has recently supplied an E-Z Tec 9000 R Metal Detector with Pneumatic Reject System to be utilised by a customer that manufactures glass beads, used to increase durability and anti-skid and reflective properties in road markings.

EMCE: Looking at the bigger picture

| in a context of global urbanisation, ageing populations and environmental and societal challenges, the EMCE 2019 conference brought together like-minded people from companies and organisations around the world, all working towards the same goals.

Second International E-Waste Day aims to raise public awareness of e-waste

| Following its success in 2018, the second International E-Waste Day will be held on the 14th October 2019 to promote the correct disposal of electrical and electronic equipment throughout the world.