| On 15 November 2017, China officially notified WTO of its intent to adopt a number of Environmental Protection Control standards for imported solid wastes as raw materials.

Plastics value chain restates its commitment to Circular Economy Package

| The European plastics industries are reaffirming their support to the Circular Economy Package.
Dieter Schütz, pixelio.de

New contaminants thresholds for China confirmed

| BIR has been informed that China has officially notified the WTO of its intent to adopt the GB 16487 Environmental Protection Control standards for a certain number of wastes.

Recoup warn of critical opportunities missed

| At a time when the politicians and media are looking for industry led voluntary interventions to encourage the consumer to deal with their plastics packaging responsibly; opportunities for positive, effective and consistent consumer communications are being lost.

Starlinger inaugurates new recycling headquarters

| At this year’s edition of the “dynamic days” held October 23-24, 2017 in Weissenbach, Lower Austria, Starlinger inaugurated the new headquarters of its division recycling technology. The building is located in close proximity to the existing Starlinger factory.
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First recycling initiative from blockchain

| The Blockchain Development Company (BCDC) – a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance – has announced the launch of RecycleToCoin, a recycling initiative for plastic bottles and aluminium cans, using blockchain technology.
Headquarter Wacker Neuson Group (Foto: Wacker Neuson)

Wacker Neuson Group reports strong third quarter for 2017

| Wacker Neuson reported a marked increase in revenue and earnings for the third quarter of 2017. The company remains positive about the fourth quarter of 2017 and expects its revenue and earnings forecast for the current fiscal year to come in at the higher end of previous forecasts.