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    Some experts think the Green Deal is a good idea, but one that could be greatly improved. In Africa, the circular economy could also do with some improvement – but it is already far more advanced than you might think. Of course, plastics recycling needs constant improvement, but scientists have developed an approach to determine which recycling technology should be applied to which material.

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    Source: Green Standards
    Anything that comes out of a building
    Toronto-based company Green Standards offers services for companies that are moving or renovating their offices.
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    Building evolution towards circularity
    Sibylle Bornefeld and Falco Herrmann from Sauerbruch Hutton talk about the circular economy in the construction sector in Berlin.
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    Hidden treasures for the circular economy
    How a circular economy for capital equipment can bring a great many environmental and economic benefits.
    Source: E. Zillner
    Learning how to go circular
    A report from Footprints Africa explains how the continent can exploit the potential of the circular economy and what is already being done today.
    Making the Green
    Deal even greener A new report shows where the Green Deal is falling short and what can be done to make it even more sustainable.
    Source: Tomra
    Paving the way for higher purity recovered polymers
    Technical solutions can help plant operators to get higher quality out of their material.
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    Reuse shows great of potential
    A report from RReuse provides some figures on job creation in the re-use sector and highlights some current problems.
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    The right framework is missing
    Plastics Europe provides an overview of the current recycling market for HDPE and PP – and points out why recycling is still falling short.
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    The rocky road to circularity
    Scientists have developed an approach to determine which recycling technology should be applied to which material.
    Source: AIMPLAS
    Triboelectric separation of polymers
    The triboelectric effect makes it possible to separate polymers by differentiating the electrical charges acquired through collision.
    Source: ICLEI
    Valencia, Utrecht, and Alba Iulia turn plastic trash into cash
    PlastiCircle has improved the quality of recycled plastic and reduced air pollution across three pilot sites.