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    Sometimes one could get the impression that the world of recycling only revolves around plastics recycling. We also have a lot to say about that topic in this issue. However, there are other challenges to face, including the growing amount of waste textiles and the loss of value in e-waste. However, the good thing is that someone usually comes up with a solution to most of these problems.

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    Source: Gerd Altmann;
    Accelerators for the circular economy
    A recent report from the Netherlands analyses how Start-ups can deliver at least some aspects of the circular economy that are currently lacking.
    Source: Hans Braxmeier;
    Combatting plastic waste with a carrot-and-stick approach
    Since most of Asia has closed its doors, many western countries are having to find new solutions for their waste. Acucomm has analysed the situation.
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    From fast fashion to sustainable apparel
    A report provides an analysis of the current situation and challenges regarding the treatment of waste textiles and points out possible ways of solving the problem.
    Source: Nextek
    Honing in on the plastic waste challenge
    The vision of a world where we use resources sparingly and recycle endlessly is still just that – a vision. The hard fact is that we are unlikely to achieve a circular economy any time soon.
    Source: Ed Bruno/Germany;
    Keeping track of your valuables
    A large proportion of the value of electronic products becomes lost at the end-of-life stage due to improper treatment. Their life cycles could even be extended if the right information were available.
    Source: Daniela Friebel
    Low-tech construction, material approach and circularity
    Archtitect Andrea Klinge provides key insights on the circular economy in the construction sector in Berlin and beyond.
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    Plastic packaging needs a radical change
    TheEuropean Academic Science Advisory Council adds some more food for thought to this discussion with its study “Packaging plastics in the circular economy”.
    Source: ReNew ELP
    The advance of chemical recycling
    The way in which plastic waste is managed must change – and this needs to be coupled with a drive to reduce carbon emissions and the use of fossil resources in new plastics.
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    Well-meant solution with unwanted side-effects
    The landfill directive has a 10 per cent target. This may sound better than nothing, but according to a paper published by Zero Waste Europe, it may even make things worse.