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    You can‘t make gold out of straw, but at least you can recycle it with biodiesel. It may also be possible to address the ever-increasing volume of waste. The EU wants to do something about packaging waste with the PPWR. And Australia wants to promote climate neutrality through photovoltaics.

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    Chances and challenges
    With its latest report, Plastics Europe provides an overview of the European PET market in 2022 and an initial outlook for 2023.
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    Circularity for better business
    To what extent is the circular economy already a reality in German companies?
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    Controversial EU PPWR approaches adoption
    Details of the provisional agreement on the PPWR have been published, which will reshape the packaging sector over the next two decades.
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    Empowering communities through sustainable practices
    The City of Renton, has initiated a campaign aimed at educating residents about the importance of recycling used motor oils.
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    Good conditions
    Australia aims to be carbon-neutral by 2050, and to achieve this goal it is planning to massively expand its solar PV capacity.
    Source: Resources, Conservation & Recycling 205 (2024)
    Keeping fibres in circulation
    Researchers aim to show which conditions, infrastructures, and incentives are needed to create a closed loop for the recycling of post-consumer textiles.
    Laying the foundations
    The demand for batteries is growing worldwide, and therefore the need to recycle these batteries sustainably at the end of their life.
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    Making construction more efficient
    Construction and demolition waste plays an important role in the circular economy, not least because of the large volumes involved.
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    Overcoming the age of waste
    The Global Waste Management Outlook shows the problems that could arise from the increasing volume of waste and what can be done about it.
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    Recycling gold with biodiesel
    Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have developed a method for recycling and purifying metals.
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    Redressing the plastics‘ industry‘s negative image
    Onegreat challenge the world faces is a lack of information relating to the potential role of plastics in climate change mitigation.
    Source: Euro-Titan
    Titanium from industrial residues
    The Euro-Titan project is helping Europe to independently source the strategic metal titanium for the aeronautic sector.