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RECYCLING magazin is a publication for the Recycling industry in the German speaking countries. The magazine focuses on the recovery of solid wastes. It covers all topics concerning this item: market developments, legislation, technical issues, new products and technologies, management knowledge. The magazine provides independent, deeply investigated information about all aspects of secondary raw materials. The magazine has a long track record, it has a history of 70 years.

RECYCLING magazin offers extensive information about all aspects of recycling management. The magazine is focused on the information needs of market operators. The Editors analyse price trends in global materials markets and constantly cover technological, political and legal conditions. These analyses include all types of secondary materials, from steel scrap to recovered glass.

RECYCLING magazin also reports about human resource-related changes in the recycling industry. Articles about conventions, conferences and trade fairs round out the editorial content.

RECYCLING magazin is a member of the BDSV (German association for steel recycling and waste management) and a member of the Bureau of Int. Recycling (BIR).

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DETAIL Business Information GmbH

RECYCLING magazine is published by DETAIL Business Information GmbH.DETAIL Business Information GmbH focuses on the market segments technology and architecture/design. The publisher produces the renowned journals DETAIL, RECYCLING magazine as well as DIGITAL PRODUCTION and acts as organizer/presenter of the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE. DETAIL Business Information GmbH is an indispensable partner for its customers by distributing high-quality specialist information. DETAIL Business Information is a 100% subsidary of EPPG. EPPG is a publishing group based in Munich for medium-sized publishing companies in the field of specialist information and special interest.