To tackle climate change we need to rethink our food system

| The way we produce, consume and discard food is no longer sustainable. That much is clear from the newly released UN climate change report which warns that we must rethink how we produce our food — and quickly — to avoid the most devastating impacts of global food production, including massive deforestation, staggering biodiversity loss and accelerating climate change.

ICBR 2019: Interview with Ghislain Lescuyer

| This years’s keynote speech at ICBR will be delivered by Ghislain Lescuyer, CEO of the battery manufacturer Saft. will report on the renewable energy market and the role of electrical energy storage. Prior to his presentation we had the opportunity to talk to Mr Lescuyer and ask him a few questions.

California’s Biggest Bottle Redemption Center Chain Closes

| Consumer Watchdog said the closure of the largest operator of bottle redemption centers in the state, rePlanet, today requires the Governor to prioritize recycling reform in the coming months. rePlanet closed its last 284 centers today, leaving consumers with few places to receive bottle and can deposit refunds.

C&D processing line operational at Zanker Recycling

| A new advanced waste sorting facility, equipped with four ZenRobotics Heavy Picker robot arms, is now operational at Zanker Recycling in San Jose, California, US.

Steel sector faces losses from climate regulation

| On average, 14% of steel companies’ value is at risk from rising carbon prices, says a new report from research provider CDP. The sector is expected to reduce emissions by less than 50% by 2050, compared to the 65% reduction needed to keep global warming below 2°C.

Europe faces challenges in meeting plastic bottle recovery target

| The European recycling industry is going to miss a 2025 target for recycling PET bottles unless there is a reversal of the slowing growth rate in recycling, according to a new study by ICIS. The study also found evidence that bottle-deposit schemes are working better as an incentive than market prices for recycled material.
Rainer Sturm,

Robust performance in challenging market conditions and compared to record levels in 2018

| Umicore delivered a robust performance in the first half of 2019 with revenues amounting to € 1.6 billion and a recurring EBIT of € 240 million against a backdrop of challenging conditions in key industries and reduced consumer confidence, especially impacting the automotive sector. Free cash flows improved substantially year on year.

Industry bodies: Caution and coherence in eco-modulation of e-sector fees

| Through a recast of its Waste legislation in 2018, the EU is promoting the idea that the financial contributions (or fees) that producers pay into organisations that implement the principle of extended producer responsibility (EPR), should be eco-modulated.

New pre-shredder for light packaging processing

| At the beginning of 2019, a new processing plant with 6,000 m² of factory space was put into operation at company Hubert Eing Kunststoffverwertung GmbH at their site in Gescher.

Axion Polymers extends recycling capacities

| According to the company, the increased waste processing and extrusion capability of its 100% recycled polymer grades is the first phase of continuing investment in the plant development.

Cast line for stretch film production at K Show

| Amut Group will present in operation the new ACS 2000 cast line for stretch film production at the K show. Also awaited is the Q-Catcher, the recent developed patented system.

CEWEP publishes Circular Economy calculation tool

| According to the federation, the tool helps to calculate the amount of residual waste in 2035 - at which time the Circular Economy targets have to be achieved.

Suez announces succesful first-half 2019

| According to the company, the achieved organic grow is in line with the company’s expections. The 2019 objectives were confirmed.

Crude steel production increases by 4.6%

| World crude steel production for the 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (Worldsteel) was 159.0 million tonnes (Mt) in June 2019, a 4.6% increase compared to June 2018.

Avery Dennison joins Ellen MacArthur CE 100

| Global labeling and packaging materials manufacturer Avery Dennison Corporation has joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 (CE 100) network as part of the company’s support of a global transition to a circular economy.