WEEE the changemaker

| At the end of August, B K Soni, Chairman & MD Eco Recycling Ltd, spoke at the 26th annual meeting of the company.

Preparing for Zero Waste Return

| As part of a refined recycling system, the Scotish parliament has voted in favour of a deposit return scheme, set to be introduced in July 2022.
Gabi Schoenemann, pixelio.de

FEAD : Legal study on waste-to-energy under the taxonomy regulation

| FEAD has commissioned a legal study of the EU Sustainable Investment Regulation with regards to the question of whether waste incineration for energy recovery (Waste-to-Energy, WtE), fulfilling R1 energy recovery criteria, can be considered an environmentally sustainable economic activity.

New joystick steering tested in waste handling environment

| Finning UK & Ireland and Veolia are trialing two Cat 950M Wheel loaders with joystick steering at Veolia’s recycling depot in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

The tech industry and recycling: The need-to-knows

| The tech industry holds the trump card when it comes to innovation surrounding recycling —considering they are, in fact, the innovators.

WEEE Forum calls for action on WEEE in metal scrap

| The WEEE Forum has published a paper outlining the issues associated with the treatment of WEEE as metal scrap and has called on the competent authorities to take appropriate action.

Tomra adds polyolefin flake sorting to portfolio

| Thanks to the latest applications of Tomra Sorting Recycling’s sensor-based flake sorting solutions, customers are now able to achieve recovery and purity rates of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), both of which are polyolefins (PO).

Thailand passes strict ban on the importation of electronic waste

| Following repeated revelations of the dumping of electronic wastes, from countries such as the US, Japan, and Australia, the Thai government has finally passed a full prohibition on the import of such hazardous wastes into Thailand.

Stop wasting time — recycling in retail

| Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill is an ever-present challenge facing UK businesses.

ProfitGuard announces expansion

| ProfitGuard (PG), a provider of business credit information to the metals and manufacturing industry, has announced the launch of its new Specialty Division for its credit reporting and risk management service.

Consolidating the recycling supply chain

| The existing recycling supply chain is a pain point for would-be recycled polymer buyers. Edouard Garreau, co-founder of Polytopoly.com sets out how bringing the supply chain together digitally will improve the customer experience.

Level(s) – a sustainable buildings framework for all

| The EU aims to lead by example on the issues of sustainability, circularity, and zero carbon emissions. Further fuelled by the health and economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis, 2020 is proving to be “the” year for Europe’s green transition.
public procurement rules

Sustainable Finance Platform must positively consider recycling

| In the past few years, FEAD has been following the work of the European Institutions in the field of Sustainable Finance, and has actively contributed in the different consultations.

PolyCert Europe established to harmonize existing certification schemes

| Centexbel-VKC, the Belgian competence centre of plastics and textile, and the Belgian Quality Association (BQA) established a consortium PolyCert Europe in partnership with the industry associations ECRA, EuPC and ESWA.

Managing waste in the film industry

| Equating to a turnover value of £14.8 billion in 2017, the film industry is an invaluable contribution to the UK economy.