Fully circular clothing industry in the Netherlands is possible

| Shifting to a full circular clothing industry in the Netherlands won't just impact the environment—it can also bring employment benefits, boosting job creation by as much as 25%.

Recycling fundamental to preserving our existence on Earth

| With the title “Cosmic sustainability: the Universe is a Recycler”, BIR’s latest Keynote Address was delivered by Lucy Hawking - journalist, novelist, educator and, perhaps most famously, daughter of Stephen Hawking.

Combining circular economy with the zero-pollution ambition

| In response to the EU’s zero-pollution ambition, FEAD has held an online debate on the role waste management can play in combining circular economy and zero-pollution objectives at EU level.

Challenges and opportunities for recyclers in “the interesting times ahead of us”

| Electronics recycling was in “a very complex environment” in which there was “an absolute need for a dramatic change”, commented Helmut Kolba of Germany-based Remondis Electrorecycling GmbH in hosting his first meeting of BIR’s E-Scrap Committee since becoming its Chairman.

Making the Green Deal even greener

| The European Green Deal can easily be considered as the European Commission’s main current project.

BIR: Revision of EU shipment regulations could pose serious export threat

| The European Commission is considering changes to EU waste shipment regulations that could prove to be of “tremendous importance” and potentially highly damaging to export flows of many recycling materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, recovered paper and plastics, the latest online meeting of the BIR’s International Environment Council (IEC) was warned yesterday by its Chairman, Olivier François of Galloo.

Ensure compliance with new biowaste ordinance amendment

| The Amendment to the Biowaste Ordinance (BioAbfV) meets with a lot of criticism among experts and associations because they think the requirements are technically unfeasible.

Steinert Waste Recycling live

| Taking example and several references from customers within the commercial waste and post-consumer package sectors, STEINERT will present the opportunities and challenges encountered when jointly developing an optimum sorting solution.

BIR’s 2020 Annual Report: Quickly adapting to the challenge of new realities

| The BIR today releases its 2020 Annual Report that highlights key recycling industry developments and data as well as the organization’s activities on behalf of its membership.

Plastic Offset: A New Way to Fight Plastic Pollution?

| Every year the average US consumer throws away 109kg of plastic, while their global counterparts may be a bit more responsible - on an average we’re looking at enough plastic to circle the world 40 times.

Tomra and Indorama support PET recycling in Mexico

| In 2014, Indorama Ventures acquired the PET recycling Plant in Zapopan, Jal. (Mexico).

Report shows the scale of change for packaging waste producers

| With only a week for industry to respond to the consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging Waste, UK’s compliance scheme Valpak has released detailed modelling for a range of the proposed options.

Labelling rules change to support flexibles recycling

| With recent announcements of major industry initiatives seeking to drive up recycling of plastic bags and wraps, OPRL is amending its labelling Rules to include PP films from 1 January 2022.

Definitions for recycled plastics must not be set by companies

| Today, ECOS, Zero Waste Europe, and the Rethink Plastic alliance have sent a letter calling on the European Commission to put on hold...

Tomra Recycling explores future of global aluminium industry

| On 20 May 2021 Tomra Recycling held it first metals sorting webinar entitled ‘Aluminium sorting industry outlook – key sorting technologies, innovations and opportunities in a circular economy.’