Recyclers highlight need to maintain access to global markets

| Negotiators from the EU Parliament and Council have reached a provisional agreement on the revision of the Waste Shipments Regulation (WSR), exactly two years after the Commission launched its proposal.

Chromasens SWIR Camera sorts recyclable plastics based on spectral properties

| Today, there is an urgent need for innovative techniques to increase plastic recycling.

Sufficiency instead of fast fashion

| Textiles remain one of the major problems when it comes to recycling, and not just from an environmental perspective.

New Material Handlers from Develon

| Develon, formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment, has launched the DX230WMH-7 (24 t) and DX250WMH-7 (25.6 t) Stage V compliant material handlers.

The next step in plastics recycling at Site Zero

| Svensk Plaståtervinning celebrated the opening of Site Zero, a state-of-the-art plastic sorting plant in Motala, Sweden.

Doubling plastic recycling with Site Zero

| The world's biggest plant for sorting plastic packaging was inaugurated on the 15th of November, in Motala, Sweden.

EU economy’s greenhouse gas emissions: -5.3% in Q2 2023

| In the second quarter of 2023, EU economy's greenhouse gas emissions totalled 821 million tonnes of CO2-equivalents (CO2-eq), a -5.3% decrease compared with the same quarter of 2022 (867 million tonnes of CO2-eq).

EU’s circular material use rate slightly up in 2022

| According to Eurostat, in 2022, the EU’s circular material use rate reached 11.5%, meaning that 11.5% of material resources used in the EU came from recycled waste materials

Andritz to supply shredders for Krones shredding and washing

| Andritz has received an order from Krones to supply six ADuro S shredders for a shredding and washing plant for polypropylene (PP) recycling in the Southeast United States.

“We need to talk about this topic without any fear”

| FEAD hosted yesterday a conference on PFAS in the waste sector to analyse the impact of a potential ban.

Many manufacturers not ready for upcoming EU sustainability regulations

| Recently, companies have been facing increasing pressure to create sustainable products that minimize negative impacts on the environment. Investors now consider sustainability metrics when making investment decisions, and consumers are actively choosing brands that prioritize sustainability and take meaningful actions toward it.

Tomra presents new Innosort Flake

| Its enhanced features enable simultaneous flake sorting by polymer, colour and transparency, achieving unmatched quality even from highly contaminated inputs.

Cronimet expands cooperation with Finnish stainless-steel producer

| Cronimet and Outokumpu are further expanding their strategic partnership.

NGOs: Investing in nuclear energy is bad for the climate

| Today and tomorrow, EU nuclear energy stakeholders are meeting at the European Nuclear Energy Forum.

CEWEP Announces Carsten Spohn Award

| Young postgraduates, talented students from European universities and young professionals in the European waste management sector from now on will be recognised by CEWEP’s Carsten Spohn Award.