Tomra to introduce Innosort Flake at PRS Europe

| Tomra Sorting Recycling has announced to be present at PRSE (Plastic Recycling Show Europe) to showcase its expertise and state of the art technology in the flake sorting industry, including applications such as: PET Flakes, PO Flakes, PE/PP flakes, PVC and PVC Window Frames.

IARC: Automotive recyclers are sceptical

| Within the automotive recycling industry there is growing concern about future economic developments, according to a recent survey of participants at the International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2019.

Disposal cost reduction with residual waste presses

| The residual waste presses by Strautmann are predestined for completely overcrowded waste bins and roll containers.

Second annual Global Recycling Day focuses on the future

| Communities and individuals around the world are coming together today to celebrate the second annual Global Recycling Day.

BMRA launches ‘Support your local scrap yard, support your local community’

| The British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) has launched a new campaign to encourage members of the public to support their local scrap yard, while raising funds for local schools, community projects and charities.

Today is Global Recycling Day

| An initiative of the Global Recycling Foundation, Global Recycling Day is a movement dedicated to celebrating the importance of recycling and to making the world think resource not waste. Now in its second year, the day was created in 2018 to help recognise, and celebrate, the importance recycling plays in preserving our precious primary resources, lowering global carbon emissions and securing the future of our planet.

Germany’s largest site for recovering post-consumer packages has been commissioned

| The new German Packaging Act (VerpackG) came into force on 1 January 2019, superseding the previous Packaging Ordinance. Companies now need to deploy technologies which guarantee a high degree of sorting.

Wacker Neuson reports new record revenue

| Light and compact equipment manufacturer the Wacker Neuson Group saw revenue rise 11.3 percent to EUR 1,706.5 million in fiscal 2018 (2017: EUR 1,533.9 million).

Recycled Metal Market is forecast to surpass USD 125 billion by 2024

| According to a new research report by Global Market Insights, the Recycled Metal Market size is forecast to exceed USD 125 billion by 2024.

New E-Mobility and Circular Economy conference EMCE 2019

| Building on the many years’ experience and expertise gained at the International Automotive Recycling Conference, ICM is proposing a new innovative formula that will go even further in answering the most difficult questions that politicians and the automotive industry are facing today.

Mondi confirms four commitments to eliminate plastic waste

| Details of how Mondi is tackling plastic waste have been set out side-by-side with other brands, businesses and governments for the first time in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s inaugural New Plastics Economy Global Commitment report.

BIR World Recycling Convention keynote session

| Expert strategist Dr Gabrielle Walker addresses climate change, corporate social responsibility, capital structures and future consumer behaviour.

Alternative Fuel Award: Call for participation

| Following the successful first presentation of the Alternative Fuel Award to companies from Egypt, Portugal and South Africa in 2018, MVW Lechtenberg & Partner is now announcing the “Alternative Fuel Award” for the second time.

Robots to sort scrap metal in Sweden

| Swedish scrap processing company Skrotfrag installs a robotic sorting line for scrap metal.

UN report demands urgent actions

| The most comprehensive and rigorous assessment on the state of the environment completed by the UN in the last five years was published yesterday, warning that damage to the planet is so dire that people’s health will be increasingly threatened unless urgent action is taken.