Geminor launches on-the-move quality checks for waste-derived fuels

Geminor is implementing new quality control measures on secondary fuels under transport. The initial tests on RDF and SRF are conducted by an independent laboratory.
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The first tests, which started as a pilot project this spring, have until now been carried out on Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) transported on trucks from Poland. The primary challenge addressed by these tests is the variation in calorific value due to, among other things, fluctuating moisture levels in waste. The initiative also aims to improve the control of other critical alternative fuel parameters, such as chlorine or sulphur.

An increase in moisture content has a direct impact on the calorific value of SRF, explains Wojciech Oset, Account and TFS Manager at Geminor Poland.

“We have encountered variability in the quality of waste from producers over time, which makes random quality checks a necessity. By performing these tests, we aim to assure both sides of the value chain – the waste producers and the off-takers – that the waste-derived fuels meet rigorous and expected standards,” says Oset.

The pilot project is conducted in cooperation with an accredited Polish laboratory adhering to international standards. The sample of material is collected by laboratory staff directly from the truck after it has left the producer’s facility. If the SRF is transported in baled form, a probe specially made for this project is used for sampling. The results of the analysis are presented within two weeks from the time of testing.

“By implementing these quality control measures, we can monitor the waste shipments over time, and thereby contribute to enhancing the overall quality of the waste we deliver,” states Wojciech Oset.

“This initiative aligns with our broader objective of improving the quality of delivered fuels in Europe. If this testing brings desired results, we have the option of expanding these tests to other Geminor markets, and for other waste fractions,” concludes Wojciech Oset, Account and TFS Manager at Geminor Poland.


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