Recyclability becomes key markt touchpoint for PP packaging films

According to a study by Future Market Insights, the increasing focus on sustainable and cost-effective formats is contributing to the build-up of the polypropylene packaging film market through 2019.
Photo: Thorben Wengert,

The consumers’ proclivity for recyclable formats, combined with exceptional strength and durability, will also continue to provide a fillip to sales in 2019 and beyond, the study predicts.

World wide sales for PP packaging films has reached 11,300 thousand tonnes in 2018. F0r 2019, Future Market Insights sees a grow of 5% YOY, primarily influenced by the recent reforms coming into force in the global packaging landscape.

Future Market Insights says that flexible packaging is seeing and unprecedented growth in demand, with sustainability concerns and progressive economies collectively upholding the visibility of these formats.

According to the study, growth opportunities for the polypropylene packaging films market players are picking pace in East Asia, owing to profound growth of the regional industrial ecosystems such as food & beverages, pharma, and others. Newer opportunities blooming in the East Asia polypropylene packaging films market are set in motion by the growing middle-class population, who have utmost contribution to the economy build-up across these regions.

Key players in the polypropylene packaging films market will continue to draw upon the global sustainability drive by including ‘green’ offerings in their existing portfolios, which is likely to help them enhance customer confidence, the study further claims.

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