Wood recycling, waste-to-product and sustainable energy generation

Companies interested in recycling solutions and sustainable energy generation will want to visit with Dieffenbacher at two separate booths during this year’s IFAT trade fair.
Dieffenbacher wood-cleaning line in the Rheinspan particleboard plant in Germersheim, Germany. Copyright: Dieffenbacher

The German machine and plant manufacturer will present its recycling solutions, including wood recycling and waste-to-product, at booth 200 in hall B5. Its concepts for sustainable energy generation will be on display in hall A4, booth 138, at the Austrian Economic Chambers booth.

In its recycling-focused booth, Dieffenbacher will showcase customized solutions, technologies, and systems for sorting, cleaning, and processing waste wood. “Our wood recycling solutions are typically used in the wood-based panels industry, for pallet block and waste wood incineration plants,” explains Jean-Christophe Zimmermann, Head of Sales of Dieffenbacher’s Recycling Business Unit. “The benefits to our partners and customers include more flexibility in wood purchasing and lower raw material costs. Not only is waste wood less expensive than fresh wood, it also offers a sustainability advantage,” he adds.

Companies that manufacture second-life products from production residues or waste materials will also benefit from a visit to the Dieffenbacher booth. “Our services range from supporting technical implementations of production processes that enable exciting new products, to comprehensive tests in our in-house technical centre, to installing and commissioning complete plants,” says Zimmermann. Waste-to-product solutions already delivered by Dieffenbacher are helping manufacturers produce panels made from PU insulation residues, transport pallets from wood or plastic waste materials, and replacement panels based on palm fronds or carpets. Other raw materials that could be used to produce panels include paper and plastic waste fractions and rotor blades from wind turbines.

At the booth hosted by the Austrian Economic Chambers, IFAT visitors will learn about solutions from Dieffenbacher Energy. Based in Bludenz, Austria, the new Dieffenbacher business unit was formed in early 2023 following the takeover of the former Bertsch Energy GmbH & Co KG. “We believe the future belongs to solutions that use biomass and waste materials instead of fossil or nuclear fuels for energy generation,” says Sebastian Völker, Chief Sales Officer at Dieffenbacher Energy. “Our aim is to help companies generate energy, reduce CO2 emissions and make efficient use of the waste heat generated by various processes, for example, through the use of combined heat and power plants.”

Hall B5, booth 200 and Hall A4, Booth 138


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