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Step-by-step instructions for subscribers

As a print subscriber of RECYCLING magazine, you get free access to the eJournal in the app . Besides free news-articles, you can also access each issue of the magazine in digital format, as well as a magazine archive, which we are gradually expanding. Trial subscribers have limited access to the eJournal and can only read the two issues that they also receive in print format. If the trial subscription is upgraded to an annual subscription, the full digital contents will be unlocked.

In order to access the magazine on different devices, you need to complete a one-off registration with a personally generated password. On every device (tablet, smartphone or PC) that you want to use to read the magazine, you can enter an unlock code to read the issues for free. The code is the same as the subscription number for your print subscription, and you can use it on up to three devices. You can find your subscription number on the subscription invoice or order confirmation that you receive from us.

If you do not know your access code or subscription number, please contact us at

Free access to the eJournal is only available to print subscribers. If you cancel your subscription, your access code will also be deactivated.

Step 1: Register your user account

Please submit your details at Only your email address and a self-selected password are required.

Step 2: Log in to the desktop view

  1. Open the page in the browser on your PC.
  2. Log in to your newly created user account.
  3. Open the menu in the top left and enter your unlock code (= your subscription number).

You can now read the digital issues for free.

Step 3: Download the app

The RECYCLING magazine app works on all iOS devices, i.e. iPhone and iPad, as well as Android devices and Amazon Fire tablets. Search for “RECYCLING magazin” on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon: You can then download the app for free and open it on your mobile device.

Open the settings in the top right.

Enter your unlock code (= your subscription number).

Step 4: Success!

You can now find current issues and the magazine archive on the app.

You can find an overview of the basic functions on the right-hand side of the page.


We hope you enjoy reading!

In case of any questions, we are available by telephone at +49 (0)6123-9238-215 or by email at

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