RECYCLING magazine 02 / 2023

    Source: E. Zillner
    The European Commission wants to make industry fit for net-zero with a new plan. Numerous studies are dealing with the question of how the plastic waste problem can be solved. And ICLEI Europe shows what European cities are contributing to the circular economy.

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    Source: Kevin Phillips; pixabay
    At the heart of the circular economy
    In the “Circular Cities Declaration”, ICLEI Europe wants to show the achievements of cities.
    Do non-state actors fill the gaps for climate action?
    Climate change, as a global phenomenon, requires determined and collective action from diverse actors.
    Source: Dimitris Vetsikas;
    EU announces Green Deal Industrial Plan
    The Commission has unveiled a plan to boost the competitiveness of Europe‘s net-zero industry and support climate neutrality.
    Source: Ollebolle123;
    Fate mostly unknown
    The ETC CE has found that figures relating to used textiles exports from the EU are unclear, as is the fate of many of the used textiles.
    Source:; joey kyber
    From thermal treatment to ressource recovery
    ESWET, the interest group of thermal recycling plant manufacturers, wants to redefine the role of waste-to-energy.
    SSource: Gerd Altmann;
    From waste to resource
    Ahead of the revision of the European Waste Framework Directive, Eunomia presented a vision of what a circular economy could look like in 2040.
    Source: Zero Waste Europe
    Kiel first zero-waste-certified municipality
    After achieving candidate status in 2021, Kiel has become the first zero-waste-certified municipality in Germany.
    Foto: G. C;
    Portable XRF drives more efficient car catalyst recycling
    Portable XRF analysers can calculate the amounts of valuables in catalyst scrap within seconds.
    Source: E. Zillner
    Solutions to the plastic crisis
    Increasing recycling rates is the most effective solution to the global plastics problem. However, it is much cheaper to use new material.
    Source:; stas knop
    Stop the growth
    Economist Impact and The Nippon Foundation have conducted a study to explore what measures can be taken to effectively curb plastic consumption.
    Source: pexels; aa dil
    Think local, act local
    A report by The Circulate Initiative analyses plastic recycling in various Asian countries and provides suggestions for improving the supply chains.
    Source:; pixabay
    Ways out of the crisis
    Ways out of the crisis

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    RECYCLING magazine 02 / 2023

    Price: EUR 16,90
    Price excl. VAT and postage
    Germany 5,00 EUR
    International 5,00 EUR

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