“The pre-owned electronics market still has room to develop and grow”

| Kerry Chen, CEO of ATRenew, talks about the market for second-hand electronics in China, technologies for preparing for reuse und future challenges for the industry.

International E-Waste Day to focus on small electronic items

| This year, the main focus of International E-Waste Day (#ewasteday) taking place on 14 October, will be those small electrical devices that we no longer use but keep in drawers and cupboards or often toss in the general waste bin.
BASF to build battery recycling black mass plant

BASF to build commercial scale battery recycling black mass plant

| BASF wants to build a commercial scale battery recycling black mass plant in Schwarzheide, Germany.

e-Waste: New global trade restrictions

| The Parties to the Basel Convention at their 15th meeting (COP15) held in Geneva agreed by consensus to the "Swiss-Ghana Amendments," establishing new definitions of hazardous and non-hazardous electronic waste, and ensured that both of these two categories of e-waste will either be banned from trade or at a minimum require notification by the exporting country and consent by the importing country prior to export.

Aqua Metals plates high purity cobalt

| Metal recycler has plated high purity cobalt and produced manganese dioxide from lithium-ion battery black mass.

Securing Europe’s Raw Material Supply

| The Future Availability of Secondary Raw Materials (Futuram) project commenced on 1st June 2022 and plans to play a key role in ensuring a secure supply of secondary and critical raw materials from within the European Union.

BIR: Strong criticism of EU plans on waste shipments

| At the annual convention of the Bureau of International Recycling, all divisions criticized the EU Commission's plans for greater regulation of waste shipments: Restricting trade would endanger businesses and recycling.

Recycling magnets from e-motors, generators and hard disk drives

| Neodymium-iron-boron-based (NdFeB) permanent magnets (PMs) are indispensable for today’s technology-driven society – and their importance is likely to increase.

ACE Green Recycling to roll out new Battery Recycling Facilities

| US-based recycling technology company, ACE Green Recycling (ACE) announces its plans to build and operate four new lithium-ion battery recycling facilities with a planned total annual capacity of over 30,000 tons.

Study shows device repair reduces waste, climate emissions

| Microsoft Corp. has published findings from a third-party study that evaluated the benefits of the company improving repairability of its devices.

Scientists call for Ultimate Producer Responsibility

| Researchers from universities in the Netherlands, Nigeria and the United Kingdom find that many circular economy policies and practices focus on local and national levels, while ignoring the international dimension.

EU Environment Council adopts new rules for more sustainable batteries

| Yesterday in Brussels, EU environment ministers unanimously adopted the Council position on the EU batteries regulation.

Batteries Regulation needs to set sustainability leadership while boosting EU batteries production

| Today the EU Environment Ministers reached a general approach on the proposal for a new Batteries Regulation.

WEEE Forum expands with five new members

| Continuing its global expansion, the WEEE Forum has announced that five PROs have joined recently, bringing its membership to 46 spread over six continents, its highest ever.

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