International E-Waste Day a success

| The first International E-Waste Day held on the 13th October to promote the proper management of electrical and electronic equipment has been hailed a ‘tremendous success’ by its organisers.

E-scrap compliance costs much larger than margins

| A study commissioned by the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA) has concluded that compliance requirements are substantial.

Greener future for batteries

| A new report prepared for the European Commission presents the way for more sustainable batteries by exploring how new battery technologies could be designed to ensure strong performance with minimal environmental impact. Design features which make batteries easier to reuse and recycle are key, it argues.

Umicore has received auditor confirmation of compliance with the Cenelec standard

| Umicore reinforces its compliance with the European final treatment standard for copper and precious metal bearing WEEE fractions.

First International E-Waste Day aims to raise public awareness of e-waste

| The very first International E-Waste Day is being held on the 13th October to promote the correct disposal of electrical and electronic equipment throughout the world.

ICBR 2018 shows new trends in battery recycling

| What challenges will the battery recycling industry face in the future? How will the market and recycling technologies develop? And what progress has been made in the safe handling of lithium-ion batteries?

Two new machine types from THM

| THM recycling solution has announced two new granulators as well as extensions of size variants for existing machine types.

Batteries: Recycling capacities exceed quantities collected

| Dr.Ir Alain Vassart, General Secretary of the European Battery Recycling Association EBRA, will be a panel member at this year’s ICBR. He has already given some advance insights into how he assesses the current market situation.

“A significant material flow in a circular economy”

| At the 23rd International Congress for Battery Recycling ICBR 2018, Prof. Kerstin Kuchta (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany) will be giving a summary of the battery market and the circular economy. Before the conference, she gave a number of interesting insights.

New technology to recycle waste LCDs

| A partnership of researchers, recyclers and engineers has developed the ALR3000TM machine that processes 60 LCD screens per hour and is modular for scalability.

E-Scrap: Chinese situation “a challenge and an opportunity”

| Faced with China’s import ban on plastics scrap, processing operations have been moving to South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. However, these nations are also sharpening their focus on environmental controls, according to Dr Steve Wong of Fukutomi Co. Ltd and the China Scrap Plastics Association.

BIR report: Asia-Pacific will lead growth in e-scrap generation

| And the fastest growth is likely to be seen in the Asia-Pacific region where generation of e-scrap is expected to surge from 3.6 kg...

EucoLight reconfirms commitment to Circular Economy

| The third EucoLight Conference at Sassenheim, the Netherlands, gathered 70 delegates from the community of producers’ responsibility organisations for lighting.

Lithium-ion battery recycling market expected to grow rapidly

| According to Esticast Research and consulting in 2017, the automotive battery recycling segment generated the highest revenue share. Among major regions, the U.S. was the highest revenue generating market in 2017.