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Katharina Wieland Müller, pixelio.de

New campaign on ship recycling

| The NGO Shipbreaking Platform strongly welcomes IndustriALL's "Campaign to clean up Shipbreaking - the world's most dangerous Job".

70 percent of shipbreaking takes place in India

| The NGO Shipbreaking Platform has released a complete list of all ship owners and their ships sold for breaking last year.

Veolia dismantles former French navy cruiser

| The Jeanne D’arc will be dismantled in the Port of Bordeaux during a 32-month project. The company wants to recycle 90 percent of the ship’s material.

Third Navy ship dismantled in Brownsville

| The Navy awarded a contract to International Shipbreaking Limited of Brownsville, Texas, for the towing, dismantling and recycling of conventionally powered aircraft carrier Constellation.
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