Magnets for demolition industry

Atlas Copco has announced hydro magnets as the latest complement to its range of hydraulic attachments. The range of hydro magnets enables valuable iron and steel to be seperated quickly and easily from concrete waste for subsequent recycling.

Simply installed on the existing grapple or shear installation, the magnets require no extra generator or electric cable on the carrier. Hydro magnets are available as a fixed magnet or a mobile magnet with chain link. Load capacities range from 280 up to 7.500 KG.
Atlas Copco claims that its digital generator control technology gives a magnetization and demagnetization process cycle that is up to 25% shorter than conventional magnet controllers, which lead to lower fuel consumption. According to the manufacturer, the digital control device also protects the hydro magnet against the risk of damage caused by shortcircuiting, overheating or excessively high or low revolutions of the generator. A hermetically sealed steel case is supposed to protect the magnet coil against mechanical impacts and humidity; an external Hardox steel ring protects against wear. Hydro magnets are supposed to be used in recycling plants, scrapyards and the demolition industry


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