Protection for Centrifuges and Decanters

CDEnviro have marked their arrival in the European Waste Water market with the announcement that they will exhibit at IFAT 2014.

CDEnviro have chosen IFAT for the launch of Pro:Dec. Pro:Dec is a system designed to provide protection for downstream systems like decanters, belt presses and filter presses through prior removal of the grit which can cause significant wear and increased cost.

Decanters offer a final dewatering process which can handle the variability found in material streams processed by the water treatment, industrial, construction and mining industries. The continuous process provided by decanters can adapt to varying volumes and solids to recover materials, reduce water and waste disposal costs, and recycle water for reuse. This makes decanters a critical component in many modern processes.

The Pro:Dec is introduced into the process prior to final dewatering. It efficiently removes grit to protect the decanter scroll tips and filter cloths and other downstream processes from attrition and wear. As well as wear reduction, grit no longer accumulates in process vessels such as digesters, ensuring energy production levels are maximised.

The Pro:Dec ensures that all grit above 63 micron is removed from the process water stream. Treated water is held in the on-board buffer tank which ensures a controlled feed to the decanter, this flow rate is sized to suit each decanter application.
CDEnviro will have a Pro:Dec system on display at IFAT 2014 along with an S:MAX Sludge Screen. The S:MAX system is recognised as a significant development in the technology available to the sludge screening market, offering operators enhanced health and safety on site, greater operational efficiency, maximum screenings removal and minimal operator intervention.

The S:MAX sludge screen range effectively removes rag and screenings before these materials can impact on downstream processes such as pumps, valves and anaerobic digesters. Blockages and subsequent additional maintenance are reduced. This also maximises the potential for energy generation from bio solids by reducing the level of contamination within digesters.

CDEnviro have developed a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of waste reduction and recycling equipment for applications in the sewage & waste water, waste management and utility sectors. CDEnviro focuses on developing technologies to enable customers to maximise efficiencies and minimise costs.


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