PV Cycle offers takeback for photovoltaic panels in UK

PV Cycle has announced that it has received approval from the secretary of state of the UK to operate a DTS (Dstributor Take-back Scheme). The DTS is focussed on the collection of photovoltaic (PV) panels through a network of PV-dedicated collection facilities.

Distributors of PV panels, under the WEEE regulations, will be subject to regulatory activity by the Vehicle Certification Agency, wholse roll it will be to ensure that the Distributor either undertakes individual responsibilities under the regulations of joins the PV Cycle DTS.
According to PV cycle, the DTS is launched in April allowing an online-registration, certification and compliance for distributors for a small payment. Membership of the DTS will be pitched at three levels, and, regardless of the joining date, will provide compliance until December 2016.


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