Recycling plant development expanding globally

At one time, recycling was largely to be found in developed nations. But the latest June 2014 research from Waste Industry Sales Monitor indicates that the environmental and cash benefits of materials recovery is taking root across the world.

AcuComm has identified 20 new or upgraded recycling plant developments in the June edition of Waste Industry Sales Monitor . The average value of the developments where cost was identified is US$36 million, giving the global recycling sector in June a notional value of US$720 million for the month for the projects listed.
In addition to established markets with high recycling levels in America and Europe, there is significant activity in new markets such as Bahrain, the Czech Republic and South Africa. While many concentrate on the sorting and recycling of MSW, others specialise in certain areas, notably paper, rubber, plastics, metals and e-waste.

Typical of the developments is the advanced materials recovery facility at TechnoPark in Jebel Ali, UAE. Valued at US$27.2 million, the 60,000 square metre facility will have a 365,000 tonne capacity to process MSW, with room to expand. The facility, currently at the planning stage, is being developed by leading local waste operator Imdaad and will be the first such advanced facility within the region.

Commenting, Eric Wigart, Chairman of AcuComm, said: “For too long valuable material has gone to landfill and it has been a marked issue in developing or emergent nations. With new or reinvigorated plants announced in South Africa, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Tanzania and India in June alone, the benefits of materials recovery are being recognised globally. With often little, or limited, local expertise and manufacturing capabilities, this trend signals a growing opportunity for established recycling, processing and equipment companies.”


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