A new perspective on separation

At RWM, Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd has displayed their new Eddy Current Separator Magnetic Rotor for the first time. It is a two pulley system where the lead head pulley is constructed from a non-metallic shell in which is positioned a high powered Magnetic Rotor rotating at high speeds.

The Magnetic Rotor is constructed using the highest strength permanent Rare Earth Magnets and is positioned eccentrically within the carbon fibre epoxy non-magnetic shell. Around the two pulleys is a tough polyurethane belt that conveys material into the rotating magnetic field. The belt is endless with approx. 40mm flex-wall and three sweeper cleats to remove any ferrous contamination held in the magnetic field.

Apart from the design of the Magnetic Rotor, Bunting gave great consideration to the steelwork surrounding the conveyor system. As Eddy Current Separators work in very arduous environments which are often working 24 hours a day 7 days a week, minimising production downtime was set as a priority. The Bunting Eddy Current Separator allows exceptionally quick access for daily and weekly maintenance and the changing of a belt with a drop down side panel that is lightweight enough for one person to handle. The overall size of the Eddy Current Separator was also assessed as many recycling plants had limited available space and this resulted in Bunting developed a sleek and space-saving design. This made installation easier and less costly for new and especially existing recycling plants. The Bunting Eddy Current Separator is built in a wide range of sizes from 600mm to 2.4m feed widths and is used in a wide range of applications including processing plastics, glass, e-scrap, pre-sorted and mixed refuse, secondary metals and incineration ash.


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