First RAL certificates for fridge demanufacturing

Three fridge demanufacturing companies from Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria are the first to use the certificate.

Four months after launching its RAL CO2OL-PRINT carbon emissions tool, the RAL Quality Assurance Association for the Demanufacture of Refrigeration Equipment has issued the first RAL CO2OL-PRINT certificates documenting the carbon emission reductions achieved by three major European fridge demanufacturing organisations.

The Luxembourg WEEE take-back scheme Ecotrel, the Austrian company Energie AG Umwelt Service GmbH and the Swiss initiative SuperDrecksKëscht have each received the RAL certificate in recognition of their outstanding performance in reducing environmental greenhouse gas emissions.

Systematic monitoring of the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrocarbons (HCs) recovered during their fridge demanufacturing operations has produced reliable data that demonstrates the very important contribution that these organisations are making towards achieving carbon reduction targets. Together and within a short space of time these three certified companies have prevented the emission of the equivalent of 60,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


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