High grade PVB-foil from used car glass

The German recycling company Saperatec and the Czech equipment manufacturer Sklopan Liberec present a new recycling technology to regain PVB from shredded flat glass with the purpose of reusing it as a secondary raw material for new front shield or other laminated safety glass.

PVB is a high-value specialty polymer with specific technical properties which is involved in almost every laminated safety glass. The market volume is immense due to the fact that laminated safety glass is used in passenger cars, trucks and busses. But it is not only the automobile sector which counts on this rather expensive polymer: Also the architectural sector needs the safety foil for more and more applications.

Today PVB-waste is a part of laminated safety scrap glass: although there are huge quantities of waste PVB worldwide available, it was – until now – not possible to prepare the highly demanded raw material for reuse in the same original application. Adherences of small glass particles and dust prohibited a high grade recycling.

For the very first time the German technology provider Saperatec presents in cooperation with the Czech equipment supplier SKLOPAN LIBEREC a new process to regain a homogeneous PVB which can be used as secondary raw material for laminated safety glass applications.

The integrated recycling process is divided into a dry part where the flat glass is removed from the PVB and a wet part where a specific micro-emulsion delaminates the surplus of glass from the PVBfoil.


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