New debris roll screen at Ecomondo

BHS Europe, Nihot Recycling Technology and NRT will showcase the companies’ integrated recycling solutions at Ecomondo in Rimini. Unlike previous years, the booth will also showcase new equipment.

BHS Europe has a debris roll screen (DRS) demo unit available, which makes testing on site possible. “The test unit is plug and play and within 1 hour operational at your location,” says Cees Duijn, Managing Director of BHS Europe. This month, BHS Europe is excited to present the features of this unit to the show’s many attendees.

The DRS features a unique Tri-Disc screen. Accurate sizing of the fine fraction is secured due to the unique in line disc configuration. The Tri-Disc in-line design creates rectangular openings, while the triangular shape provides superior material agitation – this leads to precise separation in a revaitvely smaller footprint. Disc shape and timing prevents jams and minimizes wrapping.


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