N+P awarded “Global Cemfuels alternative fuel supplier of the year”

The award was given at the Global Cemfuels conference in Dubai (UAE).

With its first alternative fuels production facility started in 1993 in Germany, the company has steadily grown in the field of alternative fuels during the last twenty years, in the last two years N+P has grown to one of the leading European companies in the supply of alternative fuels.

N+P’s CEO, Karel Jennissen: “Nearly 25 years ago we started our first alternative fuel project with deliveries to a cement kiln in Belgium, nowadays we are supplying alternative fuels over complete Europe from Latvia to Portugal and from Norway to Cyprus, and our ambitions are to expand beyond Europe.”

This year N+P expects to deliver its first high quality alternative fuels – such as RDF, SRF and Subcoal pellets – to several new countries in Europe, where the local waste market does not have the infrastructure to produce the right quality fuels yet. These countries are mostly located around the Mediterranean and the Balkans. N+P is also actively working to expand its operations to Northern Africa, the Americas and the Middle East.

N+P’s newly formed “Fuel Support Teams” helps local companies to upgrade their current alternative fuel qualities to match the needs from the local applications. The fuel support teams also advise the end users on how to start or increase substitution rates.


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