Guide to plastics recyclers in Europe

Plastics industry consultants, Applied Market Information Ltd., has recently published a new edition of its directory of Plastics Recyclers in Europe listing 993 plastics recycling sites, giving a picture of Europe’s recycling capabilities.

The companies covered in AMI’s Directory include recyclers of packaging, building, agricultural, automotive, textiles, electrical WEEE and non-WEEE, along with a variety of other products.

The distribution of the 993 mechanical recycling sites listed in AMI’s directory is spread across Western and Central Europe. Germany is leading the way, housing over 20% of the sites listed due to their strict policies and targets for recycling which over recent years has seen it maintain its steady lead in Europe. The scale and size of Germany’s recycling industry is also reflected in it being home to more of the larger processors, with over 40% of Germany’s recycling sites producing more than 5000 tonnes of recyclate per annum. Italy and the United Kingdom come joint second to Germany each with 13% of sites listed however there is still a large gap to bridge before they can compete with the plastics recycling capacity offered by Germany.

You can buy the guide here.


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