Succesful year for Suez

Suez has announced a revenue of 15.135 billion Euro for 2015, which is an increase of 811 million Euro compared to 2014. The EBITDA was 2,751 million Euro

The water division reports increases in revenue by 3.2% and in EBITDA by 3.9%. The international reports an increase in revenue by 9.3% with a decrease of 2.5% in EBITDA. In Recycling and Recovery, there was a decrease of 1.1% in revenue, affected by falling secondary raw material and electricity prices. While France was down by 4%, UK/Scandinavia grew by 3.3% and Germany by 2.2%. EBITDA for this division also decreased by 1%.

“Suez delivered another strong performance in 2015. Revenue grew by 5.7%, EBIT margin rose by 0.4 point and free cash flow exceeded €1bn. This demonstrates the robustness of our business model and our ability to adapt in a volatile and mixed environment”, CEO Louis Chaussade points out. “In what remains an uncertain environment, we are redoubling our commercial development efforts and maintaining a strong focus on cost control and continued efficiency and competiveness improvement. We can therefor look with confidence to 2016.”


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