Special garbage bag for cup recycling

The first garbage bag specially designed for water or coffee vending machines which promotes recycling of disposable cups has been patented by a Spanish businessman, Gonzalo Bayona. 

Every day millions of water and coffee cups are thrown away mingling with all kinds of waste (organic, paper, etc.) and are not recycled. Tired of this situation in his company, Bayona devised the EcoTira to boost recycling of this type of containers which have a lifespan of seconds.

Thanks to its tubular shape and made of plastic or paper depending on the material of the cup, the EcoTira allows easy and convenient recycling of cups used in water and coffee vending machines widespread today in offices, medical centres, fitness centres and even homes.

According to Gonzalo Bayona, this is a simple solution for the recycling of this type of packaging. “EcoTira avoids mixing cups with other types of waste, we save garbage bags which are usually thrown away full of air, we save space, but  above all, we recycle millions of cups”- Bayona said.

EcoTira adapts to any type of liquid dispensing machine, holds 100 used cups and it can even be used as advertising space. The designer, who has PCT patent, is now seeking for manufacturers and investment partners in order to expand in Spain and worldwide.

As Bayona pointed out, one possibility is that water and coffee machine distributors, sell EcoTira to their own clients and also take care of recycling the used cups whilst collecting the empty containers.


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