Liam disassembles iphones

During their spring presentation, Apple has introduced the recycling program Apple Renew and a disassembly robot called Liam.

According to Apple, Liam can disassemble iPhones and separate various materials for further reuse. A video shows cobalt and lithium from the battery, gold and copper from the camera, and silver and platinum from the mainboard as examples.

So far, Apple’s free recycling program is available in 14 american states.

In addition, Lisa Jackson, responsible for environmental issues at Apple, presented other activities of the company in terms of sustainability. She stated that Apple uses 93 per cent of renewable energy worldwide – in 23 countries, including the US and China, it is even 100 per cent. Moreover, the company is working on  completely converting its packaging to paper-based material. Currently Apple uses 99 per cent recycled paper.

A video on Apple’s website shows Liam in action.



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