Waste Pro Selects CP Group for Single Stream Recycling Facility

Waste Pro Selects CP Group for Single Stream Recycling Facility

The facility will bring new recycling capabilities to the Sarasota-Brandenton region and will focus on recovery of old cardboard containers #11, mixed paper #2, old news print #8, and plastic containers numbered 1 – 7.  Waste Pro serves more than 245,000 customers in the region.

Waste Pro will house the new single stream system in a new 14,000 square foot building, while still utilizing the existing 30,000 square foot building. A creative design enables a baler line to be incorporated in the existing building, while reusing the current baler line with the new processing equipment aligning with it.

Flexibility played a large role in the system design and CP overcame the design challenges of incorporating with the existing baler feed in a small footprint. The solution was to shorten conveyors without sacrificing sorting ability. CP disc screens are at the heart of the system’s recovery technology. The CP OCCScreen captures cardboard commodities, while the CP Glass Breaker Screen captures glass and removes glass fines from fiber and containers.


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