FEAD statement on Eco-Design Directive workplan for 2015-2017

Anticipating the college of Commissioners on Eco-design policy on 20 April 2016, FEAD has prepared a statement and has contacted the Commissioners to stress the importance of eco-design.
Thorben Wengert, pixelio.de
This statement also refers to the FEAD position paper on the Circular Economy Package published last month.

The Eco-Design Directive workplan for 2015–2017 was first meant to be published in December 2015 but was then delayed. The new Circular Economy proposal lists the Eco-Design Directive workplan as a clear task in the Action Plan and was one of the key reasons to withdraw the initial proposal. To date, FEAD states, there is no information regarding a specific date of publication. However, the Eco-Design Directive workplan should become a priority for the Commission.

Eco-design will play a determinant role in the successful transition to a circular economy and will become a crucial step to close the loops.

FEAD Secretary General Nadine De Greef:

“The Eco-Design Directive workplan for 2015–2017 is an excellent opportunity for Europe to take the lead in smart eco-design and to ensure the success of the transition towards a circular economy. Our members are concerned by the necessity to raise awareness on the impact of eco-design choices on the waste management processes. Therefore, it is important to us that durability, reparability and recyclability requirements are established in the coming work plan and that relations between the manufacturing and the waste and resource industry are facilitated and intensified. We also wish to highlight the determinant role played by Extended Producer Responsibility schemes in providing incentives for manufacturers to design their products in a recyclable and non-hazardous way. FEAD members are playing an active part in the promotion of circular economy and hope that the new Eco-Design Directive workplan will become a decisive tool for the current package.”


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