16th International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2017 Call for papers

The 16th International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2017 will take place from January 17 – 20, 2017 in Salzburg, Austria.
Karl-Heinz Laube, pixelio.de

The organizers of IERC have launched a call for papers and invite interested authors to submit their proposals before July 25, 2016.

IERC 2017 expects to bring together over 500 international decision makers: producers, recyclers, equipment manufacturers, recycling associations, standards bodies, refurbisher, NGOs, regulators and many more.

• Challenges of the Circular Economy
• Worldwide take-back schemes, quotas and challenges faced by OEMs
• Reuse & refurbishment
• Best available recycling technologies
• Recycling of precious and strategic metals
• Staying profitable as products and markets change
• Supply chain transparency
• How do countries and electronics manufacturing companies close the recycling loop?
• Which standards, compliance regulations and controls support or fail the industry?
• Business opportunities and models in emerging markets
• Recycling of hazardous components such as batteries, lamps, LCDs, mercury, etc.
• Safety standards for transportation


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