Bio Medical Waste Solutions set to extend services in New York City

US-based Bio Medical Waste Solutions is set to extend its services in New York City. Bio Medical Waste Solutions is a medical waste disposal company that offers a range of customized services to medical facilities in New York City and many other surrounding areas.
Marcel Klinger,
Marcel Klinger,

The firm provides a number of options for its customers. The firm guarantees removal of medical waste within 24 hours. It guarantees zero price increases throughout the entire contract period.

The firm’s website states that “Medical Waste Disposal services are individually tailored to your location’s specific needs.”

“It also offers Sharps Disposal by Mail services to help small health practices and rural locations dispose of their medical waste in an affordable, compliant mail disposal system. Apart from that, an OSHA Medical Compliance package to educate and ensure your practice, which is compliant with all OSHA guidelines and regulations, is another feature of this company,” says the website.

Managing health care facility is the prime focus of this waste management solution. The company removes medical waste from different types of facilities in a systematic and efficient manner regardless of the size, amount and location of the facility.


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