Edible food packaging to prevent waste

According to Fox News, scientists are developing an edible form of packaging to help cut both food and plastics waste.
Oliver Weber, pixelio.de

The packaging film is made from a milk protein called casein and currently does not have much taste. But the scientists claim that flavors as well as vitamins, probiotics and other nutritients could be added.

According to the scientists, the film is protecting food up to 500 times better from oxygen than plastic wrapping, but at the same time is biodegradable and sustainable. They expect the edible film to be ready in three years.


  1. […] This article displays the idea that scientists are trying to create a way to package food in a material that not only is safe for our environment, but is edible.  This way, there is absolutely no waste left from the product sold.  Leaving no trace of existence.  Imagine the amount of waste collection and landfill space that would not be used with food packaging being eliminated.  This is a remarkable and sustainable way of thinking.  In future development, it will need to be the normal way of thinking for all products and packaging.  So that we can keep this planet free of waste and harm. […]


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