Shredding the core

Smurfit Kappa in Euskirchen relies on a PHH core shredder from Höcker Polytechnik to reduce the volume of cores from heavy paper reels.
The cores are automatically fed into the cutting device.

According to Höcker Polytechnik, the shredder weighs more than two tons and has a frequency regulated, 22 kW that drives the cutting mechanism of specially hard steel. A smart feeder controller regulates the feed so that shredding is ensured under any circumstances.

The shredder is expected to shred up to 120 cores per hour. The cores can be up to 160 mm thick with a wall thickness of up to 40 mm.

Bruno Schmitz, operations manager at Smurfit Kappa in Euskirchen, explains: “We have a powerful disposal center with a bale press and a feed with a chain conveyor belt. All maculation shieets and production residues are baled here. At the beginning, we also tried to process the cores with the existing system, but after the carriers were damaged twice and we had repairs of several thousand of euros, we realised we had to find a solution for treating the cores that was easier on the baler. We have had the PHH core shredder at work here since the beginning of 2015. The cores are shredded into palm-sized pieces and then can be processed easily without damaging our equipment. We are glad that the cores are no longer an issue for us. Within 2.5 years the investment in a core-free bale press will pay for itself.”


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