Starlinger wants to reduce post-consumer waste smells

Starlinger is presenting a technology at K 2016 that reduces the smell during and after recycling significantly and allows recyclers to “upcycle” their end product.

Recyclers of post- consumer plastic waste often have to deal with materials containing migrated substances from food, cosmetics, or detergents. But also residues of monomers, oxidation, hydrolysis and decomposition products (VOCs – volatile contaminants) can cause unwanted smell in recycled pellets.

The method works without additives, achieving excellent resin quality with improved smell on a permanent basis. The odour reduction process consists of three steps: material preparation in the SMART feeder, where the material is heated and homogenised until the ideal operation point is reached; the C-VAC degassing module with 300 % increased melt surface for highest possible degassing efficiency, and the Smell Extraction Unit which gives the regranulate the final touch.

K 2016: Hall 9, Stand D21


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