New wet shredder from Lindner

Used as a pre-shredder, the new Lindner Micromat WS wet shredder is the first step in washing systems for post-consumer plastic scrap.

Together with another two new downstream systems, the Rafter Pre-washer and the Loop Dryer, it is part of the innovative plastics shredding and washing system solution which the Lindner Group from Austria will be premiering at K 2016.

Lindner’s Micromat WS wet shredder is a new addition to its Micromat series and is specially designed for pre-shredding contaminated post-consumer plastic scrap, such as lightweight packaging, bottles or films. By directing a jet of water onto the rotor, the friction arising during the shredding process can be used to detach dirt particles. This means that the material undergoes pre-cleaning from the outset, which has a positive impact on downstream processing. The water used simultaneously ensures uniform and controlled material discharge.

Once the material has passed through the pre-shredder, screw conveyors deliver it, so ensuring it remains in permanent contact with water, directly to the Rafter pre-washer, itself a newly developed product. The Rafter easily, gently and thoroughly detaches and separates contamination and adhering paper from the plastic.

Depending on size, the Micromat WS has a nominal throughput capacity of 1,500 to 2,500 kg/h (WS 1500), 2,000 to 3,000 kg/h (WS 2000) and 2,500 to 3,500 kg/h (WS 2500). This new pre-shredder is thus perfectly suited to the typical capacities of today’s plastics washing systems and so helps to ensure continuous in-line processing of post-consumer scrap right up to the finished recycled pellets or recycled film.


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