Electronics & Cars Recycling Conference in Macau

ICM AG has distributed the program for its Electronics & Cars Recycling conference, taking place from November 15 – 18, 2016 at the Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel.

During the conference, over 200 recycling experts from around the world – including manufacturers, collectors, processors, steelmakers, legislators and policy makers – will meet to discuss. In addition to 12 conference sessions and three workshops, the event includes five tour options to facilities in China’s Guangdong Province near Macau. Facilities that can be toured include those managed by plastics recycler MBA Polymers, electronics recycler Li Tong Group, automotive dismantler GISE, electronics recycler Mingjie Group, and automaker Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co. Ltd. Tours have all been scheduled for Tuesday, 15 November.

The workshops, all taking place on Friday November 18, pertain to electronics recycling, including one on the Indian electronic scrap market and another on health, safety and environmental concerns.
The 12 sessions at Electronics & Cars Recycling (which for the previous several years had been known as Electronics Recycling Asia) take place from November 16 – 17 and include six focusing on electronic scrap, four on end-of-life vehicle recycling and two general sessions.

Speakers and chairpersons at the sessions include representatives from ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions, Arrow Electronics Inc., Aurubis AG, Dell Inc., Fortune Group, E-Parisaraa Pvt. Ltd., Recycling Today Media Group, Stena Technoworld AB, Umicore Precious Metals Refining and Volkswagen (China).


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