Latest automated LIBS sorting technology is making aluminium recycling worthwhile

Coupled with its X-TRACT, Tomra Sorting will launch its LIBS technology, at ALUMINIUM 2016, in Düsseldorf, Germany, between 29 November and 01 December, 2016.

Earlier recycling methods could only achieve limited sorting outcomes. Downcycling, the most viable option, suffered the significant disadvantage that the majority of high-grade scrap was invariably downgraded during the process. Modern sensor-based sorting technologies offer much-enhanced sorting functionality, sorting scrap into different grades including 5xxx and 6xxx series alloys and removing unwanted product. The robustness of Tomra’s LIBS technology extends the options for the usage of scrap- and secondary aluminum, as it employs a dynamic laser and the full width of the belt, resulting in industry-relevant high throughput while ensuring optimal purity levels

In addition, new alloy-sorting techniques now make it possible to use the separated secondary material – unlocking even more intrinsic value from what was once a ‘lost’ resource – while substantial energy savings reduce processing costs and increase profit margins. And while customers can now make more use of scrap, the adoption of this “green” technology clearly demonstrates a commitment to responsible and sustainable recycling.

Outlining why Tomra Sorting is keen to be part of ALUMINIUM 2016, Frank van de Winkel, Tomra Sorting Business Development Manager Metals, said: “ALUMINIUM 2016 gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the benefits and new possibilities created by cutting-edge sorting technologies. Aluminium recyclers, smelters and remelters in particular will find TOMRA Sorting applications on display which are extremely relevant to their sector. Keep in mind, we’ve been in this industry for years, so we understand what’s necessary to get the full job done. It’s our job to discern what the market needs and provide solutions that really lead to payoffs for our customers. In this case, the result is wide-ranging experience within the aluminum recycling industry which we put to work in developing customized solutions to fit customer requirements.”


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