Lindner shredder in action in Italy

In Venice, the Italian waste management company Ecoprogetto Venezia SRL shreds waste wood and green cuttings using a mobile Lindner Urraco 75 powerline two-shaft shredder. The waste wood is subsequently converted into wood panels and the waste green into compost.

Apart from the production of RDF, Ecoprogetto Venezia SRL, a company of the Gruppo Veritas, specialises in the manufacture of wood panels and compost. A mobile Lindner Urraco 75 powerline two-shaft shredder reduces the material to the ideal grain size for downstream processing. As compared to competitor shredders, which are also powered by diesel engines, the Lindner machine offers roughly 30 % fuel savings with an equal throughput level.

Economic fuel consumption, which results in a marked reduction in running costs, was one of the decisive reasons why Ecoprogetto selected a Lindner shredder. Another was the machine’s ability to function with a minimum maintenance requirement in spite of very high throughput performance and thus the avoidance of production standstills. After approximately 1,800 hours of operation, Eros Barbazza, the local manager, draws up a clearly positive balance: “Our shredder processes 45 to 50t of input material per hour and we pay for the diesel from the metal obtained from the waste wood.”

The cutting geometry of the LW shafts, the strengthened design and the combined crushing and shredding process provided by every shaft rotation ensure rapid material intake, high throughput and fine, uniform output material in tandem with low wear costs. Mauro Caramel, the Ecoprogetto plant manager: “The Urraco 75 furnishes the process stability that gives us long-term, production planning perspectives. As a result of the limited diesel consumption, I would again choose Lindner’s reliable technology for both business and sustainability reasons.”

The required process stability results on the one hand from the long servicing intervals of 500 operating hours, and on the other from Lindner’s typical proven, robust machine design. The mobile, two-shaft shredder is extremely compact and therefore offers a high degree of mobility and the flexible wheel axle provides simple manoeuvring on the company’s premises. In addition, the user-friendly controls incorporate a 10-channel radio remote control system that can be activated by the driver of a wheeled loader or digger.


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