When market fluctuations lead to mood fluctuations

At the BIR autumn congress in Amsterdam Alexandra Weibel-Natan of Manco gave at not too optimistic market report for non-ferrous metals.

In her report, Alexandra Weibel-Natan stated different reasons why the world economy and especially the non-ferrous metal traders and recyclers are not in a good shape. The international growth is very slow. And even China had is lowest growth since the financial crisis of 2008. In Europe as well growth is slow and unemployment high, with the exception of Germany. There are some other uncertainties as well, like the impacts of the Brexit and the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping. The high exchange rate fluctuations also get to the industry.

Other aspects that influence the market are for example the Chinese government’s desire to open up the pre-shipment inspections for competition, which would led to reduced costs. On the other hand, market conditions are „challenging“ worldwide and payment delays are re-emerging.


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